Terms and Conditions

This is another most important factor highly necessary to study before you deal with any particular Company in all over the World. World Internet Billionaires platform with its entire team worldwide are here to educate you about the most important steps usually necessary to take, before you deal with any particular Company, Seller or any Firm.

Below are the simple LEGAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS cover up the entire operations in this Website:

— It is your sole right to research almost everything about our programme here when you come across our Company or Website through the website address or any of our adverts. Nobody should be blamed for any error or unexpected experience encountered in this programme. We are here to make you happy through this programme, any other misconductive is solely tagged to your own side. We can never be responsible for any User’s error committed when dealing with this Website, due to his/her inexperience.

—Remember to read and digest the “DISCLAIMER” so that you will understand more about any programme/media connected to this website. All adverts’ platforms are stand independently and operating on their own. You do not have right to blame or condemn any one of them by all means over your errors or challenges in this platform.

—This programme will be operating soon fully under the World Legal Terms, thereby; it is your sole right to be following us daily. Keep reading our email messages & also following us in any of our networks. You are not allowed to blame the Company over already committed errors, not in line with our latest TERMS, CONDITIONS & THE GENERAL POLICIES here.

—It is a must for you to take few minutes and read almost all the crucial information published live in the website that guide the entire operations here, so that you will not misinterpret our programme and identify it in different ways. 

—We reserve the right to make this website unavailable for 30 days maximum and make necessary upgrade, if there’s any challenge or security issue that demanded force decision. We must protect you by all means.

— You are not permitted to reveal this website secrets directly, by sharing its information to non-registered members anywhere you are in the world. If you are suddenly caught of being doing so, your yearly subscription will be terminated immediately, no matter how the date. Our Company will be monitoring your Profile & delete it again, anytime you re-register and subscribe again and you will not get any refund. Your name including all your profile details will be blacklisted in our website/programme and if you reregister again using another details/name, you will be caught through tracking, your details will be blacklisted again, deleted and no single commission will be redeemed to you.

Affiliate Terms:

—Anytime you are caught of manipulating our referrer programme using bot, software, hacking, vpn, AI, or any other referrer manipulating instruments/methods/tactics to generate fake referrals, you account will be deleted and your entire referrer earnings in our platform that period will be canceled for life.

—This program terms, policies and disclaimer must be fully interpreted to any referral before you refer them into our platform.

—You are not allowed to criticize our Company in any of the public networks, if there is any enquiry, request or complain, you are fully permitted to contact our Company, and we will reply you within 72 hours maximum. We are solely here to create real values, touch many lives and solve world painful problems. Making unnecessary allegations against our Company in the public network will not help our unlimited positive plans. You are not permitted at any level to do so!

—It is your own right to provide the corrected account/payment info in your account; you are not allowed to blame the Company if your referrer/affiliate commission sent to the wrong account provided by you in your profile. 

—Although, our Company will alert you in your email if there is any changes. It is your own right to study these terms always and also read the entire website once every Week, so as to know, if there is any changes made within that period. You are not allowed to blame the Company over your committed errors that cannot be redeemed.

Security Terms:

—Our Company has protected this Website with one of the top securities using most on the internet now. It is your right to protect your Card secret info and also learn how to use Card online. Paystack payment integration using in this website is one of the most popular payment Companies using most in the entire African Continent. So, they’re very reliable.

—We are not permitted to gain access into your ATM and we will never know your bank secret info. All payments in our website are being manage by PAYSTACK. This is how payment system programmed. If you have been paying online before, you must have known this. Our platform will solely give you access into our Members’ area after successful payment; you are not allowed to blame the Company over any transaction error that may likely interrupt the payment, through the bank/payment network.

—Our Site is fully protected using the maximum latest security; you are free to ask any query through the Contact Form, you are not allowed to cross the above terms. 

Products and Services Terms:

—It is our right to update this website weekly or monthly with the latest business trend and moneymaking opportunities. You’re not permitted to blame us at any week or month that we can’t meet up, due to an unexpected emergency.

—You reserve the right to contact the Company and encourage us to supply your own interested business/niche. You are not allowed to query the Company privately/publicly.

—This website’s products and services can never change all your life problems. No single website can do that. Always invest more in yourself. You’re not permitted to manipulate our operations outside World Internet Billionaires agreed promises.

—We reserve the right to solely produce the entire solutions within whatever we’ve promised you in this website. You’re not permitted to manipulate us outside our website products and services promises.

—Any private question requested through any of our Contacts over the latest released secret online/offline business, or wanted to know something very quickly regarding our programme/services, it is your right to wait for good 72 hours maximum. You must also use our WhatsApp chat medium in case of any emergency question. You are not allowed to criticize the Company publicly anywhere on the internet over any feedback delaying for less than 72 hours.

—It is your right to send us your testimonies privately/publicly; this will make us happy to do more in our programme. Why should you hide your achievement in this platform? That is totally UNFAIR! Share us your success, this will encourage the entire Company to do more. We are not allowed to publish fake testimonies.

—Your unexpected failure through artificial or natural issues that beyond the/your/our control must be presented to the Company to know, if there is any help opportunity. We can only do our own best to make you happy in this platform. You are not allowed by any means to blame/condemn the Company over the natural issues. 

—It is your right to alert the Company over any detected highly profitable online business that required big money to access that secret business. If truly it is a better business, our Company will do our best out of this agreement to contact the owner/Seller and buy that profitable business secret for everyone in our platform including you legally. Seller must be aware about our intention to buy that Product.

—Some business opportunity needs to act immediately, to reap the best out of that business. The best online business today might be faded off totally tomorrow. It is your sole right to act over any secret information/business supplies you immediately.

—Business takes different forms within a temporary period of time, that is why some business secrets will be updated and replaced as latest volume; in case our Company detected new latest branding that can be highly benefited to the members. You must accept this to be highly/fully upgraded immediately.

-Time-to-time, our Company will be running National/International Seminars, Events, Promos(across the media/web), bonanzas(if there is any Company’s attached Product or anyone wished by our Company). 

Some of these great programmes/opportunities will also be available to the non-registered members across the networks. It is your sole right to act very quickly, so that non-registered members, not even participating in our platform not benefited your own opportunities at large.

—You are not permitted by all means to register here and be participating in this platform, if you do not have time to read and accept our Company’s Disclaimer, Private Policies, Term and Conditions, others. You need to understand this programme, its required rules and the regulations before you register here & participate fully in our website.

—You’re not permitted to promote this website if you’re not our website Subscriber.

The above Policies, Term and Conditions, Disclaimer will be updated when necessary & Clients will be informed through any of our public news channels or emails. It is your sole right to keep following always, read and understands everything fully described here. You are not permitted to complain if any latest unaware rule comes against you.