Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Programme now is seriously by approvement!


Commission is now 50% per Client refered and monthly minimum payout is 50K($100) minimum. Means you qualify to receive your commission at any Month you achieved 50K Commission minimum. 



Getting people to register under you in this program is simple! We have already solved whatever the problems your target Clients are battling over. Who will not like FINANCIAL FREEDOM? NO ONE. Just put into the real campaign without SPAMMING & thousands will subscribe under you. It’s easy to be making 500K(50 Clients) minimum monthly in this tangible solutions global platform. Remember, World Population is nearly 8Billion people now. Just believe in yourself and put into the real work, immediately you’ve been approved as Affiliate. Done!


WhatsApp( +2348137427016 ) our Company now if you have audience and you believed, you qualify to be our Affiliate.