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Let me share with you very important facts you need to understand about online business in live Video.

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O.S Jeremiah

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Minimum of 20,000 internet Users used to reach me yearly through emails, Telegram, WhatsApp, ads, social networks, etc., and be asking too many questions,

but 99% of them used to ask me this common question.

“How to make money online”

Everyone knows very clearly now that INTERNET is where money is now, but you must obey the internet rules before you can make money online.

I mean what must be done to make money on the internet. Relax, let me reveal to you.

The final solutions:

Hear my real-life stories.

[1] High-Income Skills

I contributed to an online project for just 30 hours in a month(1 hour daily) in 2018 and I charged $4,000(2M then).

Another one.

I trained somebody about Copywriting for just 30 minutes on zoom video app back in 2017 and I collected $1,000(500K then).

I attended a 1-hour webinar by myself in 2020 and I paid $1,000. This is big money in the African continent, but I don’t need to bother myself.


No other way:)

One of my Entrepreneurship Students in Nigeria is working with U.S.A brand as a content creation job. She used to work just 2 hours daily and She’s collecting $2,000 monthly as I am writing this now. She used to do everything on her phone and She has been working with them for nearly a year now.

Why I’m I sharing these powerful real life STORIES?

That browsing phone you’re using now in your hands is your total final solution. You just need to know how.

You see the surprise charges above?

That’s it when you’ve reliable high income skills. Nobody can stop you anywhere globally.


This website, World Internet Billionaires will help you ACHIEVE any of the above and show you the right direction.

[2] Investing

Smart Internet Users usually invest in:

VC(Venture Capital)

Global Markets

Website Projects

Hedge Funds


Private Trading Deals



This International Entrepreneurship Website, World Internet Billionaires will give you real insight to unlimited opportunities happening across the above businesses globally now. 

AI can never do that.

Let me share with you another one.

[3] Online Business Model

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketer helps Products’ Creators sell their packages. Commission is usually 50% on average globally.

Affiliate Marketing business has dominated the African continent for 3 years now.

Business Models Like:

Ad Agency


Information Marketing

Domain flipping


SAS(Software as a business)


Real Estate Arbitrage



dominated the internet now.

World Internet Billionaires will show you the right direction about all these businesses. 

I’ve a lot of Global Entrepreneurship Students seriously making $1,000 minimum monthly in any of the above. You just need to be a learner and action taker. Nothing else. Hear another powerful business.

[4] How to SELL


How to sell is the number one skill in the World. Every human creature including you and me can’t SUCCEED without this skill.

World Internet Billionaires will help you become a real Expert on it.


You can now see very clearly through the above insights that money is making on the internet in so many ways and it’s possible to be making $10,000 minimum monthly if you’re ready.

 INTERNET money is your birthright.


Before we move further and conclude……

Let us hear from people like you that have learned from World Internet Billionaires International Entrepreneurship Website or its Founder directly.


One of the best Entrepreneurs in U.S.A called me the best in 2020.

You don’t need to advertise yourself much when you’re truly good. Your level of undeniable competence will announce you to the entire World. Read this👆real life testimony by yourself

See by yourself 👆

See how our website security education saved members from losing 2M(Naira) & our online business SECRETS helped her start making money online. Too many live proofs in my devices here.

I don’t persuade Clients to learn from me. I used to receive too many people ready to sacrifice everything to learn from me. It’s my successful Students usually make noises about my world class entrepreneurship IMPACTS.

I can never forget this day! This User was begging me to return back to YouTube, that my talent, knowledge and technology experience will IMPACT the World. I returned back to YouTube because of him. It’s God!

My mission is to shed light in your life, if you permit me. Can you?

JOYFUL testimony from World Internet Billionaires Website member in 2022.

Destiny changer! This is too much. I give God unlimited thanks


I used to be so happy whenever I received something like this. I solely came to this life to do this, attached to my name. Real life testimony from a real Facebook ads agency from private global Entrepreneurship family from X.

What to BENEFIT in World Internet Billionaires room:

  • Real education information about WWW(Internet). Stop using the old systems, World Internet Billionaires are no longer using them.
  • All powerful info already published in form of copy, audios and the videos. Means, we get you covered no matter how your most interested learning format.
  • Businesses that will help you rake in millions this year and what to do very quickly to BENEFIT big.
  • How to sell: How to sell is the number one skill in the entire World. World Internet Billionaires will help you become the best Seller.

Getting right high income skill like this is far better than conventional education that will waste your precious times for 5-7 years minimum, give you scaaam Certificate without guaranteed job.

I am so sad daily due to too many talented University graduates roaming about the streets looking for a job. WHY?

High income skills are the simple solution.

  • Facebook ads: Everything you need to become a real Facebook ads Expert already uncovered in different formats inside.
  • Are you looking for lead generation SECRETS?

Bother no more.

Too many SECRETS about lead generation plenty inside this Entrepreneurship Website.

  • Marketing: 99% of global businesses fail simply because they don’t understand marketing. 

This website will help you become the best Marketer. You can them secure a remote job with one or more of these painful Companies and you request $10,000 minimum monthly. 

Serious ones won’t bother to pay you each. My Global Students get employed remotely always. I used to uncover their SECRETS inside.

  • Exportation business: – Coming soon…….There is a lot of money to be made in this area alone.
  • Latest moneymaking opportunities on the internet now.
  • It won’t be easy in life to ACHIEVE anything if you don’t understand Copywriting. World Internet Billionaires will help you become the best Copywriter.
  • External Projects’ review. We introduced this to protect you online. Thousands of Internet Users used to contact me for help about this yearly. You will always know exactly what to do.
  • Offline business opportunities


People are making real money offline ooo. You will gain access into their most hiding SECRETS inside World Internet Billionaires.

  • Partnering with internet Giants means we are giving you access to the most beautiful things on the internet now.
  • AI(Artificial Intelligence) is the latest big moneymaking trend now.

World Internet Billionaires will show you the way for you to BENEFIT very quickly. 

  •  Decentralized m-a-r-k-e-t-s money is your birthright and this Global markets will BOOM this year.

World Internet Billionaires will show you where to BENEFIT a lot.


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What a terrible life!


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The Most Important Area:

The greatest INTERNET COACH in the World can never rescue you if still remain in your CONFORT ZONE. Taking actions is the most important thing in this program. Even online business generally. Take note this pls. 

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