1—What exactly this program & its website all about?

It is all about sharing you the greatest success secrets using the most by WORLD INTERNET BILLIOANIRES.


Information is power if come across and tap into. We’ve already shared you everything inside in audio, video and copy formats.

3— On what niches?

Across the business niches, but we focus more on business opportunities, sales and marketing, internet security and education, which are the most important areas you need ever.

4—Is it limited to the above businesses mentioned from the beginning?

Everything mentioned at this website homepage is below 1% of big benefits inside.

Emergine you learning through SUCCESS/FAILURE STORIES of internet Billionaires inside. This is amazing!

6—Is it local or International Website/Program?

This Website and its entire programs are fully international and will remain international for life. We created this platform to show the entire world reality things about the internet. So, we have designed everything in tackling real global problems. It doesn’t matter the Currency used for subscription at the moment. Can be changed to anyone popular at anytime.

7—What is the experience level of World Internet Billionaires Founder?

Appearance shows the manner! You can judge everything about O. S Jeremiah through the entire information putting together in this Website.

8—What really defines the name of your website www.worldinternetbillionaires.com ?

You wanted to FULFIL your purpose in LIFE?


9—Why your payment is very cheap & even less than $50, the common charges usually apply to standard program like this?

In this program, we focus more on leading billions of people all over the World to achieve the best out of the internet, rather than making plenty capital yearly. Although, we need serious capital to achieve the plans/best, but, we don’t need to bother ourselves, with time; money will surely follow in command.

We are so much believed that, even if you don’t have any source of income, you can still manage to get our yearly smallest subscription charges, gain access to the internet business secrets, get inspired & achieve the breakthrough very fast.

10—How secured is my ATM Card in this website?

We have installed the latest most reliable internet security software. Our Company has no access to your Card information that is why we are running the payment system popularly known as PAYSTACK, one of the best payment systems using the most in the entire African continent.

11—Can we come into your main Office?

We are very grateful! Just make sure that you inform our Company through the contact form, so that we would be fully informed regarding your best visit, you are highly welcomed. We used to have few number of visits yearly.

12—What makes you special? 

To benefit World Class prosperity information in World Internet Billionaires in other business websites, you must pay for each one individually. Costs a lot of money! World Internet Billionaires give you access to everything without any upsell inside.


I’ve nearly 2 decades of online business experience as I am writing this now. Means you’re learning from one of the best Entrepreneurs in the entire World. 

My Fans used to call me ICT Analyst. Think about it yourself, not easy to attain that standard.

Talk about amazing Customer Caring? We so much care about your peace yearly.

Many other plenty things…

13—Why did you launch this program?

Thanks! People have passed through fire across the internet in the last decade. Some suffered due to their inexperience; mostly because of their “lack of financial education” highly needed to approach this WWW. World Internet billionaires Platform are here to educate the world and save them out of these unlimited internet calamities.  

Let us forget about the past!

WORLD INTERNET BILLIONARES are here to flourish your mind with the greatest online business secrets & also guide you to achieve the GLORY within the normal period of time.

14—How do you plan to achieve everything?

I ask you whatever you want always as a member and I provide those SOLUTIONS by all means. As long as it’s genuine.


15—Is there any concrete evidence to believe that YOU ARE REAL & you can also deliver the entire promises in this website?

Watch World Internet Billionaires Founder’s presentation Video at the beginning of this Website HOMEPAGE to see me live. 

Am(O.S Jeremiah) available across online/offline networks, you can ask me any question & I will try to reply you within 24 hours. Always WhatsApp +2348137427016 for any emergency enquiry. We will reply you within 30 minutes.

16—Is it possible to get rich quick with your Programme?

NO! We don’t have any get rich quick program in this website. I will advice you to always run away from any Programme promised you that you will get rich quick. No such thing on the internet.

17— When did you launch World Internet Billionaires Website?

We launched this website for the 1st time in November 30, 2020.