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– O . S Jeremiah

Whatever you plan to achieve on the internet now, I have tangible solutions for you.

World Internet Billionaires, Founded by O . S Jeremiah, is all in one Platform. Means the best solution room to access the most reliable moneymaking secrets on the internet now. Each Internet Giant has his own secrets and we are here to uncover everything for you.

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Jeremiah is my name, my Followers used to call me few Expert names, but mostly ICT Analyst. This Website, World Internet Billionaires, is the only International Platform fully focus on rendering humanity financial freedom.


World Internet Billionaires is not a PONZI or PYRAMID SCHEME, get rich overnight, or all those useless Programmes that used to rob Peter to pay Paul. And, it will never be that.


We are here to let you use a Stone kills many birds ethically.

Let’s hear the real life testimonies from our PLATFORM LOVERS. I mean the real human creature like you.


It’s Buyers usually hunt the real Expert.

So joyful World Internet Billionaires Subscriber was begging Jeremiah(Founder) in 2021 to please & please be sharing my CRAZY ICT knowledge in YouTube & I later returned back to YouTube just to bless the World using the power of INTERNET.

YouTube User was begging World Internet Billionaires Founder to please be consistent in sharing business knowledge in YouTube. When you’re truly an ICT Legend, it’s Internet Users will be begging you to take their money & teach them your tangible scarce knowledge.

New Client not Patient enough requested for refund & he was refunded. After tracking World Internet Billionaires Program for good one month & perceived, people are really making millions in World Internet Billionaires Website, he realized his mistake & apologized for taking refund. World Internet Billionaires Program is as simple as ABC.

When you’re truly changing human lives, it’s the Clients will be begging you to learn from you. You don’t really need much campaign.

Small Business Owner was appreciating Jeremiah in 2018 for assisting her boom her business.

It’s Buyers usually hunt the real Expert.

World Internet Billionaires Subscriber experienced business boom.

This is the day WIB(World Internet Billionaires) Website Subscriber changed my name to ICT Specialist.

Big Company’s COO was seriously hailing Jeremiah in 2017 as their Savvy Business Advisor.

I'm a slow learner and can't easily catch up when learning. Mr. Jeremiah unlocked my brain when I learned through him for good 3 hours and I got everything right. I give Mr. Jeremiah 95% in terms of INTERNET knowledge and 95-100% in terms of teaching.
Abel Adebiyi
Mr. Jeremiah, World Internet Billionaires Founder is one of the best INTERNET Entrepreneurs, no doubt about that. He has answers to whatever you're looking for on the internet now, that's why I respect him. In fact, he deserves 100% rating from my real life past experience learning from him.
Mr. Lawa
I love visiting Mr. Jeremiah private Office always because he would open my brain and bless me hugely with internet knowledge/solutions. I can now believe that real internet Savvy are not so popular online. He deserves high rating.
Mr. Fatai
I didn't believed that my Phone is a weapon until I subscribed in World Internet Billionaires and I came across hot internet businesses I have been hunting for so many years. In fact, they've already breakdown the secret steps you need to take to achieve the best. I am so happy with my tangible success results through their platform. To say the truth, World Internet Billionaires is exactly what you need if you truly need internet money.
Kwame from Ghana
To say the truth, I fear anything attached to Nigerians from experience. Because, I have been in Nigeria in the past and deal with many Nigerians. But, Jeremiah changed the game in terms of 1st Class business solutions, trust and great Customer Care in his program World Internet Billionaires. To me, it must be categorized as real solutions platform, because, they touched every angles of pain in human lives. Emerging gaining access to the top online businesses and high income skills and the secret Strategies you need in only one Platform. You will see by yourself. Jeremiah is a Nigerian Elon Musk in terms of innovation.
Hellena from U.S.A
I apologized Mr. Jeremiah for taking refund in the past. After following him online for years and learn a lot free of charge, now, I believed I was wrong for taking refund and I am ready to participate in whatever the Programmes attached to Jeremiah name.
Anonymous Client
As a Mobile/Computer Engr, I wanted to sell my expertise for years but not reaching the target. World Internet Billionaires taught me the most reliable ways to sell my skill and my engineering business is growing massively.
Engr Ben
I can't believe this kind of Jeremiah INTERNET experience existing in Nigeria untill I came across his International Programme, World Internet Billionaires. This Guy understands the global pain and required solutions already plenty in their Clients' rooms. My simple advice for you is to just try it by yourself and you're going to see. Too many real life solutions inside.
Abraham from U.K
Nothing consign me about online/offline ooo, I just want to make money, basic. Since I came across World Internet Billionaires by Jeremiah, they exposed my eyes to the real moneymaking angles on the internet and I am so joyful till date. This platform worth whatever the value through their tangible solutions inside.
Chinedu from Port Harcourt.
I wanted to succeed as Affiliate Marketer for long but not get it right. World Internet Billionaires platform help me uncovered the biggest success secrets of top Affiliates in JV Zoo, Clickbank, Shareasale, Amazon, Expertnaire, etc. Deal with World Internet Billionaires by yourself and you will be shocked regarding the big things hiding in their private rooms.
Anonymous Client

Our Clients wonder why we double the yearly subscription price in just 2 days but at World Internet Billionaires International Platform, we so much believed in increasing tangible financial freedom solutions rapidly, not really the price.


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Abraham Lincoln

Things may come to those who wait but the things left by those who hustle.


Every human creature worldwide, even governments are seriously battling with one tangible problem or the other now. And, from in-depth research in the last 7 years.

Everybody wants:

– to make reliable money online.

– to achieve one or more high income skills.

– to “SELL LIKE CRAZY” on the internet.

– to relief pains, solve dwelling problems and improve their lives to fulfil abundantly.


That’s why I spent good 7 years in research and built WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES Platform to solve these tangible barriers for you MASSIVELY.


Maybe, you still don’t believe?

Introducing Our “AMA Program”

AMA(Ask Me Anything) is our monthly Program we used to address the most painful questions asking by people globally.

It’s the best program to get reliable answers about “Human Lives, Technology Insights, Sales & Marketing and Making Money Online Secrets” based on global requests.

Listen below now and you will be blessed abundantly!

Let’s dive into few case studies:


After ELON MUSK(the RICHEST now) sold off PayPal, he launched Tesla(Electric Car Company), Space X(Sky Room), Solar City, and later engaged on Twitter $44Billion controversial deal in 2022. According to Elon Musk, “he engaged on Twitter deal for FREEDOM OF SPEECH, basic”. But everything ends on controversial manner.

Emerging over 100Million LOVERS are following Elon Musk on Twitter alone now! Not even mentioned other Networks. That’s it when you’re helping people solve their pains, relief them and improve their LIVES in every area. They can die because of you!

That’s exactly what we’re doing for you now at WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES.



Paystack Nigeria Set Another Record!

Yoruba Nigerian, Shola Akinlade, Paystack Co-founder & CEO sealed deal with Stripe in 2020 & his Company acquired for $200Million around October, 2020, that’s about 92Billion Nigeria Naira then when a dollar rate was just 460.

“They were all laughing at me when I proposed to build Stripe Nigeria, I did it and proved them wrong.”                                  

Paystack Founder

Paystack is the best payment system in Nigeria Country, in case you don’t know. That’s why the best Companies/Programmes are all using Paystack.



Toyin Omotoso, another Nigerian Internet Guru(Legend) has sold a Billion Naira minimum solving the most difficult digital marketing problems through his digital Course in Expertnaire, “72IG Course. A Billion Naira minimum and still counting through digital Course produced once, be updating time-to-time & sell like crazy.

Not to even mention Legend Akin Alabi, the Pioneer of the entire bookmarking Companies in Africa(Bet Companies), Father of INTERNET in Africa, which is also Seller of 2 best selling books: “Small Business Big Money” and “How To Sell To Nigerians”(have both). Ronald Nzimora, which is also another Copy Guru, is another Nigerian Internet Legend. These Guys are real Billionaires & be making real money yearly, using the same browsing Phone in your hand.

All these people are World Internet Billionaires solving the biggest pains for more than a decade, improving human lives and dominated the internet.

Truth of the generation!

You can never go wrong by solving REAL WORLD PAINS/PROBLEMS.


  • You wanted to become the best Copywriter & really wish to access historical Copies that have yielded millions of dollars for Copywriters in history, learn massively, grow and dominate with time.


  • You need internet money and you’re looking for the most reliable moneymaking programs, businesses or investments on the internet. A lot have been revealed in the private room and more are added Weekly.


  • What’s the most powerful business/Industry on the internet now? That you’re cheating yourself, whatever you’re doing online now if not engaged in this business? We have uncovered everything and the simple steps you need to take to make the most money in this hiding Industry where internet giants are hiding yearly.


  • You wanted to know the hiding success secrets of top Expertnaire Affiliates like Nwanneka Caleb, Adewuyi Tamilore, top Expertnaire Affiliates Ladies and others popular ones really killing it in sales and be cashing out big every friday. We have uncovered a lot in accepted ways for you.


  • You wanted to know the winning secrets of top INTERNET Legends, done! SIGN UP ABOVE NOW & bother no more.


  • You wanted to become a Selling Expert, we have already covered what you need to become one.


  • You wanted to gain access to the best books’ reviews, so that you can know the best books you need now, to move forward very fast in life. Reviewing the “Best Selling Books” in legal ways is our top priority in this Platform. SIGN UP ABOVE NOW and see by yourself.


  • We covered a lot in the best global markets’ trading Industries, E-commerce, Dropshipping,  Programming Aspects, Import and Export, Real Estate, Sales and Marketing, Software/Web Development, etc.


  • Monthly interview with internet Winners/Giants.


  • Reliable offline business opportunities.


  • Free tech solutions.


  • Children TV: World class tangible solutions putting together in our private Children room will allow your Children to be growing minimum of 10X yearly.


  • You are a Student looking for the reliable business you can engage to survive.


  • You are a GRADUATE searching for the most trending businesses to do/invest, in order to survive unemployment/underemployment.


  • You are a Retiree looking for what to invest in order to balance your token PENSION & survived.


  • You are seriously looking for the latest opportunities on the internet now.


  • You wanted to know the best Success Stories that touch.


  • You are interested to know the best SUCCESS STRATEGIES, the secret TACTICS involved to be highly successful in your business.


  • You wanted to gain access to the best FREE TRAININGS happening across the NICHES/Internet yearly.


  • You wanted to become a real Facebook Ad Expert, especially secrets behind GENERATING REAL BUYERS. Top internet Sellers focus on rich buyers, plenty Sellers focus on useless plenty numbers. Be careful when building your future Clients’ Community! There is nothing bad in helping less privilege, we do so. But, if you’re selling high ticket’s Products/Services, building low tickets’ Community won’t help you.


  • You wanted to gain access to the live interviews from World Internet Billionaires (Internet Giants) and know exactly what MAKETH rich.


  • You wanted to become Mini Importation Expert and be making minimum of 2-10X ROI(return on investment) Monthly in Nigeria Country.


  • You wish to gain access to the top FARM PRODUCE BUYERS in Nigeria Country.


  • You wanted to know what is working now, what’s coming ahead in TECHNOLOGY ASPECT and guarantee your future.


  • You wanted to know the best RESOLUTION you must apply in order to succeed every year. Things may tough if not aware of this SECRET RESOLUTION using by the most successful people every year.


  • More tangible solutions are hiding in our private rooms. Click the Sign Up Button above to access everything now.


  • Easiest ways to transition your business from offline to the internet and frustrate financially no more.


  • Security is the most important thing on the internet. So, we educate members about the security aspects a lot.

Many plenty solutions we can’t mention here.

Expected learning formats in inside are:

  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Contents
  • Copies
  • ETC.


There are Billionaires in Copywriting, Affiliate Marketing, Programming, Public Speaking, Investing, Teaching, E-commerce, etc. It’s not the Business/Skill that made them rich. It’s their MINDSETS(gaining access to the right information at the right time and take massive actions immediately). That’s why you need to take action now(SIGN UP above).

Everything in inside worth $1000(500K) yearly but the main goal is not to make money but making real impacts in human lives.

You can never go wrong touching humanity positively.


Important Information!

Illegal Products/Services will never be permitted in WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES Platform! Everything provided in both public and private rooms are sourced from Mr. Jeremiah real life experience dealing with nooks and crannies of the internet for years. Illegal information is totally against our Terms and Conditions. So, Whatever we’ve promised to provide/deliver in this Website already available in the private rooms or loading soon. At World Internet Billionaires, we are so much believed in AUTHENTICITY.”

— Case Study One In The Private Room.

In Copywriting Room, we revealed the best copies that have yielded millions of dollars for the Writers & how you can improve on what’s working already and make big money, if you wanted to become a global sought after Copywriter.

— Case Study Two In The Private Room.

In Audios room, we’ve loaded the best moneymaking secrets uncovered by top internet Giants recently. Especially, from the TWITTER SPACE. Twitter Space is where the big moneymaking secrets reveal by top INTERNET Experts on a daily basis. We’ve loaded the best for you, including Toyin Omotoso 8 days’ Special Entrepreneurship Programme he rendered free on Twitter Space early 2022 when he was celebrating his 100K Followers on Twitter. I have revealed the best INTERNET information you ever need to succeed in life, that’s why this room worth is unlimited. Simply because, that’s the cheapest way to access my wealth of Internet experience since the last decade.

— Case Study Three In The Private Room.

In Videos room, you will gain access to free trainings covering top high income skills on the internet now. We mean different hot niches and other things you don’t believe they exist. Each niche was fully guided for you to undergo without gimmick and succeed as soon as possible.

Too many solutions already provided in the private rooms! You just have to grab your choices.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

1: What exactly this program all about?

It is all about sharing you the greatest success secrets using the most by WORLD INTERNET BILLIOANIRES.

2: How?

Many internet Users are searching for reliable make money online secrets, some Users wanted to achieve tangible high income skill(s), some wanted to sell big on the internet. So, we provided overall solutions from our many years of experience dealing with all these people including you & battle whatever you wanted to achieve now.

3: On what niches?

Across the niches, but, we focus more on making big money aspects on the most powerful businesses on the internet now, high income skills, Sales and Marketing, Internet Security and Education, which are the most important areas to us ever.

4: Is it limited to the entire businesses already mentioned in the Website across?

No, we covered a lot and we can’t easily mentioned everything.

5: Is World Internet Billionaires local/International Website?

This Website and its entire programs are fully international and will remain international for life. We created this platform to showcase the entire world big things about the internet. So, we have designed everything in tackling real global problems.

6:  What is the experience level of World Internet Billionaires Founder?

Appearance shows the manner! You can judge everything about him through the entire solutions putting together in this Website. His twitter handle is @Humble_Jeremiah. He has been on Twitter for years.

7: Why World Internet Billionaires?

INTERNET BILLIONAIRES are the ones controlling the entire global wealth, that’s why starting from Elon Musk and other Giants, they’re the World richest. This is a NO BULLSHIT Platform/Website to tap into their wealth secrets and what’s really working on the internet now. Also, this Website is the cheapest way to access/hack Mr. Jeremiah(Founder) wealth of Internet knowledge.

8: Why yearly subscription is so cheap and even far from $200(100K), the worst charges ordinary program used to charge yearly?

We can’t focus on rescuing humanity financially and still focus on money, which should be the minimum priority in our mission. Although, we need billions of dollars to take this Website to the global success. But, we believed, by lifting up humanity peacefully, with time, whatever the amount we needed to scale will automatically produce itself along the journey.

9: How secure is my MasterCard/Creditcard?

We have installed the latest most reliable internet security software. Our Company has no access to your Card information that is why we are running/using the payment system popularly known as PAYSTACK, the best payment system using the most in the entire African continent.

10: When is the next payment after subscription?

PAYSTACK Payment Company will solely be charging your Card based on our yearly charges once in every year, unless you discontinue. You will be informed in your mail few days before charges. Means you can cancel your subscription straight forward or request from us to cancel it for you, if wish to discontinue with our program. We believed you will love our program and won’t do so.

11: Can I come to your Physical Office?

We glad for that! Just make sure that you inform our Company through the contact form or call our hotline, so that we would be fully informed regarding your best visit, you are highly welcomed.

12: What makes you special?

World Internet Billionaires Team was built around highly experienced top internet talents all round the World and they’re leading by O. S Jeremiah – ICT Analyst(Internet Legend). So, by registered here & be paying our little charges yearly, you will gain access to the most trending success secrets across the internet today.

13: Who are your Programmers?

Our Programming Department formed around big Programmers having the best reputations on the internet now and our Programming Office is sited in Pretoria, South Africa Country.

14: Why did you launch this program?

A lot of Internet Users have passed through fire in the last decade, mostly due to their inexperience about this WWW.(internet). They suffered financial security a lot due to their lack of financial education.  99% of Internet Users are also searching everywhere online till tomorrow looking for one tangible solutions or the other. Not easy to access the big things, if you’re not been guided. WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES is already provided the needed real solutions in the private rooms and we’re here for life to guide you forward.

15: Are you rendering PONZI/PYRAMID SCHEME Programme?

NEVER! World Internet Billionaires Website will never render scamming programs like Ponzi/Pyramid robbing internet Users daily. That’s pure wickedness! We’re here to give you access to the right information(financial education), I mean the best Solutions you need to survive in your life.

16: How do you plan to achieve everything promised in this Website?

Reliable Team leading by Savvy Entrepreneur(Jeremiah – real talent – highly internet experienced) can achieve anything ever in this generation! Having the best team in U.S.A as a case study, made Elon Musk suddenly appeared as the latest World Richest.

17: Is there any concrete evidence to believe that you’re real and you can also deliver the entire promises made in this Website?

We have published our physical Office and Phone numbers registered with NCC(Nigeria Communication Commission). Fake programmes can never do that. Also, everything pushing together in this Website homepage is 100% fresh and AUTHENTIC and can never be found anywhere. Low Class Programmes don’t have real life experience to produce this.

18: How can I gain access to this Website now?

All you need is your ATM(MasterCard/Credit Card) to Sign Up for a year now. Click Sign Up Button at the top to SIGN UP now. You will be surprised about the big solutions already waiting for you in the private rooms.


Time flies very fast but it's the most dangerous/precious asset in human life. Same life Depends on you! The tangible reason why many are still suffering now is as a result of time wasted in the past. And, time is real money, if you use yours right. Whether you use it well or not, it's moving very fast! WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES private rooms will help you monitize your time to fulfill in this life. SIGN UP above now and you will be recalling this day for good in history. "Action takers always conquer generation barriers and dominate at large"

- Jeremiah

We used “PAYSTACK PAYMENT COMPANY”, the best payment System in Africa Continent.
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