"If you make Customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make Customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

Jeff Bezos

Welcome to World Internet Billionaires platform, the latest INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM that will change your life.

Losing a single Client worth a thousand dollars in real market value; that is why in any business, you need to focus on providing real values to your old/new Clients. So, we are here to address your years of challenges and make you happy.

Are you eager to learn something big on the internet now, something that will change your life?

Let us hear a little advice from World Internet Billionaire Founder, Mr. O.S Jeremiah live now.

“The most terrible natural creature is our brain, when not activated fully; our natural purpose on Earth will still be hanging for years and may likely not be fulfilled.”

O.S Jeremiah

WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES, the only International MEMBERSHIP platform that focus on eradicating POVERTY in the World & protecting the humanity on/off the internet.

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Every human creature worldwide, even governments are seriously battling with one problem or the other on a period basis. Below, let us look at the few popularity ones people are seriously finding solutions online daily:

 “how to make money online”

 “how to make money in E-Commerce”

“how to make money in amazon FBA”

“how to make money in software business”

“how to make money in web design and development”

 “how to make money as a Student in Nigeria”

“the most reliable business I can do from home”

“how to make money online as a Wife”

“how to make money online from home”

 “how to make money in facebook”

 “how to make money in forex”

 “how to make money in dropshipping”

“how to make money in Digital Currency”

 “how to make money in Youtube”

“how to make money in importation”

“How to solve Corona Virus Plague globally”

“how to make money in exportation business”

“how to make money in twitter”

“how to make money in travelling”

“how to get girlfriend”

 “how to have the best marriage”

 “how to make money in soccer industry”

 “how to make money in fiverr”

“how to make money as a copywriter”

“how to have weight loss”

“the best email marketing tricks”

“how to make money in real estate”

“the latest SEO tactics”

“how to make money in whatsapp”

“How to make money in telegram” etc.

Instead of keep permitting same issues seriously affecting people in the areas of Finances globally, WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES examined these major problems at major angles and have started filling the gap.

You still don’t understand what we are saying here.

Let us look into the few secrets behind the success of WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES:

⇒ Jeff Bezos: World Richest – 2018 till date

Problem: inadequate access to the most reliable information(Books, Ebooks, Manual, etc.).

Solution: He created AMAZON, the best all-in-one platform that permitted everyone to access almost everything we need in our daily life. What you need, just go to AMAZON WEBSITE and you are good to go.

His best advice: ‘There are two kinds of companies, those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second’.

Above quote made by Jeff is the agenda of this platform, WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES. Charging less doesn’t mean you will not be successful worldwide on your business, the most important thing is to create real values in the market, what market really needs, solve painful problems and excel globally.

⇒ Bill Gate: Microsoft Founder, World Best for years before Jeff Bezos took the position.

Problem: No global access to the most reliable Computer.

Solution: He created the most reliable Software/Windows(OS) that made Computer easily usage globally.

His best advice:  ‘Focus on solving problems’

Venture Capital is crazy but help me fund my dream-Microsoft Incorporation, ‘he said.

⇒Warren Buffet – American Business Magnate, Investor.

Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway.

Problem: Everybody wants to be successful overnight!

His best advice(Solution): ‘Think long term’

Pregnancy cannot produce Child in a month, ‘he said.

From World Internet Billionaires Founder’s research in the last decade, millions of people worldwide felled into the PONZI traps due to their inability to set long term goals. The above quote made by one of the richest best described the main reason behind their problems.

Bernard Arnault – French Business Magnate, Investor, Chairman and CEO LVMH, the world’s largest luxury-goods Company.

Problem: Jumping across the various businesses

His best advice(Solution): ‘I think in business, you have to be patient. Maybe, I’m not patient myself. But, I think that I’ve learned the most is be able to wait for something and get it when it’s the right time’.

⇒ Mark Zukerberg: Facebook Founder, Global Youngest Billionaire ever, A Man of Inspiration.

Problem: We could not reach our friends and family, relatives easily, identify them within seconds and communicate globally.

His best advice: ‘Think like a Hacker’

Hackers believe that something can always be better, and that nothing is ever completed, ‘he said. As revealed by SUCCESS SECRET T.V

⇒ Jack Ma

Problem: No access to the best/cheapest Products produced by the most Talented Engineers.

Solution: His international platforms, Aliexpress & Alibaba gave everyone access to buy anything the cheapest price ever.

Just emerging Jack Ma, the best LOSER in the world that failed uncountable times later became the WORLD BEST.

“If you don’t give up, there is a chance for you to make it in life!” Jack Ma

⇒ Robert Kiyosaki – Writer of the bestselling Book ‘RICH DAD POOR DAD’. A Man of Inspiration. His Book “RICH DAD POOR DAD” has already dominated the world.

Problems: Prodigal life, investment issues, etc.

Solutions: Always spend on the most important things solely(RICH DAD POOR DAD). Go and read all his books now, big things hiding there will change your life.

⇒ Grant Cardon – Real Estate Guru

His best advice: ‘Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility’.

In fact, Grant Cardon, always call Uncle G. is really making waves on the internet daily and has been tagging positively by FORBES yearly.

⇒ Dan Lok – The King of High-Ticket Sales

His best advice: ‘Attract great Clients, command premium prices, transform more lives.

World Internet Billionaires: Never blame Dan Lok for charging high tickets, every Successful Leader has his own pattern. He has been educating the entire world regarding reasons behind his high tickets for long.

Small tickets can never help any Seller; it will just devalue your worth! O.S Jeremiah

⇒ Sathosi Nakamoto – Anonymity Founder, Bitcoin Creator, Decentralized Digital Currency Angel.

His best advice: ‘it might make sense just to get some in case it catches on’

World Internet Billionaires: SATHOSI NAKAMOTO’s advice was not heeding in 2009-10 by 99.999999% of people worldwide and they are seriously suffering from it till today. Had they getting at least a single bitcoin that time, they would be rich more and more as bitcoin keeps its rapid historical fast growing in the Cryptocurrency market.

⇒ Akin Alabi – Nairabet Nigeria Founder, Pioneer of All Bookmarking Companies in Africa, Politician(REP), Philanthropy, Author ‘SMALL BUSINESS BIG MONEY’.

His best Advice: “Today is the best time to start that 3-year programme, if you are 32 today and not begin, you would blame yourself a lot when 35 for not achieving it”.

World Internet Billionaires: According to him, what must be undergoing in life, either you like it or not, you will pass through it. That is why you need to start early now, doing it by force later when getting old may be so terrible for you!

Advice: You still have no idea about the actual business to start, the best way to succeed that business, go and read his Book, “SMALL BUSINESS BIG MONEY”. I among the 1st Buyer/Reader back 2017 and I have read it minimum of three times. Take note!

This Website has never completed without mentioning the Giants like:

Google Founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin: Guys that created the most visited Website in the World now.


On September 4, 1998 were really inspired and turned simple idea into a platform that has remain the most visiting website in all over the world till today. Remember that yahoo was really dominated the internet before this same idea. Some people might likely kill this extraordinary idea that bypassed yahoo and took over the search engine algorithms today, keep deceiving their thinking result that YAHOO WOULD NEVER ALLOW NEW SEARCH ENGINE TO DOMINATE, due to Yahoo global standard that period.

Who is the next Larry Page tomorrow? Now time to think deeply, brainwash and produce something great.

⇒ Youtube: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim

Youtube, a Video Streaming Website that was launched by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim on February 14, 2005, but later acquired by Google. We need to remember that these three Founders were all an early PayPal Employees. Hurley had studied design at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Chen and Karim studied Computer Science together at the University of Urbana-Champaign.

Now, the first historical idea ever came from these three fellows and today, many new ideas have generated from Video niche and also dominated the world. Example of this is Vimeo founded in 2004 and also dominated the video streaming niche today, not even talk of Netflix here. 

⇒ Twitter: by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams

Twitter Inc. based in San Francisco California, was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and was officially launched in July that year. This successful platform rated as number seven most visited website in all over the world, is also a social platform but, actually programmed to make different functions.

What to learn here: One niche can be reformed to make thousands functions in this internet race.

Now, a very big question we wanted to ask you is that, what can you create to also make your own name across the generation?

Brian Acton and Jan Koum, former Employees of Yahoo(left yahoo in 2007) launched WhatsApp back 2009, it doesn’t matter this same Mobile Chatting App later sold to Mark Zukerberg around $19Billion USD in 2014. Their names will continue to be remembering for good till the end of this wonderful generation.

Now is the best time to reprogramme our brain to help us produce the main purpose we have created in this Earth. To help ourself achieve this very fast, WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES platform has produced the most trending values for you in the admin side; no need to worry anymore regarding how to rob this brain naturally to produce very fast. World Internet Billionaires have passing through this stage you are presently suffering now. Take action below now.

⇒ FEARLESS SOUL – The best motivational/inspirational Speaker worldwide.

One of his best quotes: When you find something that you’re ready to become the best in the World, you’ve found your passion/purpose.

There are some record breaking advices that can never be missing in this wonderful generation. We are pointing to the best advice below.

Before you started blocking your Clients online for their rudeness, listen to the Giant advice below:

‘You will never reach your destination in life if throw stones at every dog that barks’. WINSTON CHURCHILL.

⇒ Quin Tanilla: This is one of the greatest Copywriters I have never seen in this generation. Not so popular online, but, when looking for a Man of internet experience, having real life case studies, contact this Giant Entrepreneur.


Leaders are Readers, that is why the greatest experience lying on their sides, that is why they are the best Leaders that can show you the greatest realities on the internet.

We have so many Giants across the internet now. Giants like Grant Cardon, Dan Lok, Brunson Russell(spoken the most expensive words in Cardon yearly event), Ronald Nzimora(Nigerian), Toyin Omotoso(Nigerian), Seun Ogundele(Nigerian Youngest Millionaire), Olaidollar, Prof. Fiver(you need to stop using Fiverr if you did not learn from this Nigeria Entrepreneur), Victory Akpomedaye, Pastor David Agboola(World Class Programmer) & the King of Internet, Otunba Oloye Akin Alabi of Nigeria, the only Nigerian that carries all the big internet names, etc.

We have so many!

Just forgive us if we do not mention your name. Your name will be published very soon.

Below are the greatest lessons from WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
Source: Success T.V
7 Legit Ways To Make Money Online.
Source: Dan Lok
9 Billionaires Advise You on How You Can Be Rich.
Source: Success T.V
How To Really Make Money in Nigeria by Legend Akin Alabi.
Source: The Ask Akin Alabi Show
10X Growth Event - The Biggest Entrepreneurship Event in The World.
Source: GC(Grant Cardon)
Nigeria Website sold in 2020 for 92Billion Naira($200M).
Source: Paystack

We need to wake up as human being and set the next record.

Access another tangible information now…

Paystack Nigeria Set Another Record!

Yoruba Nigerian, Shola Akinlade, Paystack Co-founder & CEO sealed deal with Stripe in 2020 & his Company acquired for $200Million around October,  2020, about 92Billion Nigeria Naira by then but 100Billion Naira minimum now. 

“They were all laughing at me when I proposed to build Stripe Nigeria, I did it and proved them wrong.”
                                                                   Paystack Founder

“Just believe in God and yourself, you can achieve anything in this world”
                                                                           O.S Jeremiah

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Let us look into few among the most popular businesses people are making real money on the internet daily:

  • Copywriting
  • Dropshipping
  • FBA
  • E-Commerce
  • Facebook Marketing & Advertisement
  • Software Development
  • Inspiration Video/Audio
  • Marriage & Dating Business
  • Travelling secret business,
  • Forex
  • Import & Export
  • Amazon
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO Strategies               
  • Real Estate
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Programming Business
  • Whatsapp & Telegram  Marketing                      
  • Information Marketing, etc.

Are you into Cryptocurrency now or you are just hearing Cryptocurrency, the most trending(profitable) business on the internet now?

You have heard of dollars(USD), EURO, Pounds, etc. But Crypto is best described as “Digital Currencies pioneered by Satosi Nakamoto for humanity freedom”. Not global fiat currencies that full of invisible manipulations. This is where you can get your natural deserved shares in this wonderful terrible generation. The only Industry that redistributed the asset class & filled the spaces between so called global Leaders & those arrived this generation without silver spoons in their mouths.


  • Crypto Industry wasn’t made for the greedy.
  • It wasn’t created to get rich overnight.
  • It wasn’t created to access through shortcut.
  • It wasn’t made to run as Ponzi/pyramid scheme/method.
  • It wasn’t innovate for the internet Lions.
  • It wasn’t created for Participants without curiosity minds.
  • It wasn’t created for the Giants but less privileges..


  • The number one purpose Crypto was created for, is to redistribute wealth between the wicked and less privileges and eradicate POVERTY globally.
  • If you don’t believe, Binance (BNB) Cryptocurrency was just 10 Cents when it went live in the markets back 2017 and it has risen 5000 times at just $500 price. Each dollar in its price represents 10X(10 times). Means, when invested just $10 in Binance on July, 2017, result at just $500 price would be $50,000 total return. That is huge millions of naira in Nigeria Country. No matter how your Country, they will respect you for having this kind of money. Same binance keeps rising yearly, not to mention some Cryptocurrencies that have risen 10,000 times minimum each, in just the space of 1-3 years.
  • This is not a magic in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Industry, the most trending business on the internet now. The more accumulation in this multi-trillion dollars Industry, the more it keeps growing massively. If possible for established Countries started creating their own Cryptocurrencies, like China created CBDC(Central Bank Digital Currency) and top Investments’ Capital moving into Cryptocurrency Industry globally, Cryptocurrency Industry is the true Angel sent through Satosi Nakamoto, Messenger of the World, to eradicate POVERTY globally and created real freedom for the entire human creatures.
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  • Forex(FX) trading learning. We covered the most difficult areas in Forex using our years of trading expertise. These areas are seriously affecting 95% of the global FX Traders.
  • Monthly interview with any of the WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES(Internet Giants). Unlimited value!
  • Mini importation business. International trade will be existing for live. We plan to cover make money secrets across international trades. Everything in life is a gradual process. Take note this please.
  • Exportation business: – Coming soon…….There is a lot of money to be made in this area alone.
  • Latest moneymaking opportunities on the internet now. Unlimited value!
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  • The most popular programs’ reviews. Security aspect.
  • Offline business opportunities.
  • Partnering with internet Giants means we are giving you access to the most beautiful things on the internet now.
  • Free tech solutions.
  • Children TV. World class tangible solutions putting together in this room will allow your Children to be growing minimum of 10X yearly.
  • Tangible reasons why your business needs to be executing on the internet.

So many gaps will be filling by WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES.

Everything above (global solutions) putting together daily for you WORTH BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

Pandemic is seriously affecting the World financially.

It is the duty of me(we) and you to render the highest capacity in order to lift humanity worldwide.

At World Internet Billionaires, money is the last thing for us.

We believed in changing the world positively, especially in the areas of finance.

We glorify God for that grace

“You missed 100% of the opportunities you were not grab”

Important Information!

“Unpermitted Products/Services are not allowed/permitted in world internet billionaires room, that is why we have started partnering with World internet billionaires, that is why we have started recruiting the most talented Internet Entrepreneurs across the globe. This is totally against our terms and condition. At World Internet Billionaires, we are so much believed in AUTHENTICITY.”

World Internet Billionaires is for you if:

(1) You are a Student looking for the reliable business you can engage to survive.

(2) You are a GRADUATE searching for the most trending businesses to do/invest, in order to survive unemployment/underemployment.

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(16) You wanted your Kid(s) gained access to the most talented Children in the World, watching them in live Videos and be feeling fulfilled(purposes on Earth) at their early stages in life.

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(21) You wanted to know the best RESOLUTION you must apply in order to succeed every year. Things may tough if not aware of this SECRET RESOLUTION using by the most successful people every year.

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Means, this platform is totally ZERO RISK.

You feel like already inside WORLD INTERNET BILLIONAIRES room to enjoy BIG THINGS inside.

Listen to the sample AUDIO below free of charge. We started this program in Telegram App in May, 2020 and we have attached some of our Clients’ testimonies to the below AUDIO.

Listen to them below now.


7 Major Facts About World Internet Billionaires
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