Privacy Policy

We have done our best by providing the necessary security against your filling information when subscribing in this Website.

We designed Clients’ information usage system around GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) Law, as mandated since 2018.

Information collected from any User will be using to identify him/her based on geographical location, use to create the awareness for the Client about our latest developments, bonuses and offers. The major purpose of collecting your brief information is to communicate with you when necessary.

We do not allow the third party to gain access into your information no matter how the size.

We mandated each Client to supply the most active email for emergency awareness.

We compulsory it for every Client to send his/her latest email to the Company if the old email in our system is no longer used. This is very compulsory for better awareness.

Your entire information used in our Website is so powerful, never declare it to the third party no matter how you trust them. This is so important to protect your business with our programme.