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Top Marketing Secrets From The Best Marketers In The World.
Jeremiah: The most beautiful girl(quality product/service) can’t get quality boyfriend(Clients) by hiding inside the room and not understand showing up(not get marketing right).
Marketing is the only way your product is going to get the exposure you need to become successful. And with how many people are in the industry willing to teach and do marketing for you, such as myself, there is no excuse not to learn.
Marketing is a key skill for any founder and it’s important to be able to do it well so that your business can grow.
Co-founder that can help here. knowing enough to be dangerous is great, but it’s always okay to know when you need to bring in someone to help with the stuff you just don’t know. more of the latter ahead, please.
And as you grow older, you realise that every founder needs to be a great HR guy first.
Perspective changes over time.
The intersection of entrepreneurship and marketing is virtually complete in my opinion. They are both customer-centered activities and should be aimed at the same goal.
I’d add every marketing person needs to learn how to be a startup to have a better understanding of the ecosystem. My2cents.
That’s really true! 
You can’t learn all about the startup ecosystem by simply reading about it, just like how you can’t learn to swim by reading a book on it. You NEED to be thrown in the pool.
Even though our product has quality if we can’t convince to others…
Failure is inevitable.
On the other hand even if your product is crappy but you can convince the market otherwise, you’ve succeeded.
That’s the power of marketing!
Agree 200%! 
And coding 
And sales 
And making PPTs are all very vital:)
Basically it is good to be hands on (if not a deep knowledge) so that when you build a team, you know exactly how to guide them.
I agree to this point – to level of 1,000% if the term is correct – Sales and Marketing.
Marketing is making people aware of and about the products And Sales is convincing them to purchase or in other terms make payments.
If one can understand how human behaviour works, they have cracked the nut. 
Human behaviour and marketing are correlated.
I understood that after some failures. I thought that only the market people have to know this. Knowing how to market something helps you a lot with the product/service.
But what I found insane is that knowing marketing offers a lot of business ideas.
Every founder must be able to sell & also acquire good knowledge of finance. Money i.e. Cash flow is the backbone of any business. If the founder can’t understand numbers, he/she might not be able to achieve it.
“Sales cure all but selling at profitable price cures everything.”
“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”
Every human should learn the art of storytelling and that’s obvious to succeed in marketing.
marketing is the heart of any business.
Marketing, finances, human resources. Founders have to learn of every aspect in the startup.
In a currency economy, marketing is a powerful skill that will always pay off.
Inexperienced Tech guys thinking that they can build billion dollar companies just by learning how to code  alone. “Both go together.” – Jeremiah.
yes, marketing is a basic skill that helps you communicate your brand not just to customers, but to your team and even investors.
What is the difference between sales and marketing first of all and if sales create marketing then marketing also creates sales, isn’t it?
I agree, especially in the beginning. Founders tend to wear many hats.
Without core marketing, everything is just a dream.
We have to understand how to show up in front of the target audience.
I have learnt that we all need marketing skills.
Business is all about people.
& Marketing is how good you are with people!
Founders also need to work with people(Marketers) who can help them get noticed too!
Every product needs audience and marketing gets them that. Good marketing is proportional to survival.
The nature of business won’t matter? Marketing is a must.
No awareness means no sales then, no business.
We should feel every day is new day and we should fight with known & unknown  competitors in sales & Marketing.
Not only founder, every human being in the world who wants to create a bigger impact in this world should know marketing.
Tiktok gives us many sales and marketing people, who don’t even know that they got some hidden skills and how they can utilise. 
Few encashed their skills.
A startup founder needs to learn almost everything, from sweeping floors to sweeping clients.
Super Agreed, someone was arguing with me over my last live session that you cant do startup without coding and I was like You should know how to market – coding can be outsourced.
Many more…
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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