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The Winning Daily Schedule.
The largest percentage of Nigerians or people globally usually press their Phones 1stly whenever they wake up daily.
Why is it that the most busy busy people in the World are not so productive?
Why Students would spend so many years reading in School & still failed?
Something is MISSING!
I experienced this too for so many years untill I read extraordinary top books around daily schedule.
Since I broke this heavy duty challenges, my daily/weekly/monthly performances became more productive.
Despite everyone is having 24 hours daily & 16 hours maximum working hours daily,
Giants made the most money on the internet.
You wish to know the truth?
This is how Giants spend their daily riots mostly each:
1_ Gratitude
2_ Exercise & Clean up
3_ Emergencies
4_ Level One Tasks
5_ Level 2 Tasks
6_ Level 3 Tasks
7_ Level 4 Tasks
Let’s break thm down into the main functions.
1_ Gratitude
They thank God for the grace that many died overnight.
2_ Exercise & Clean up
You don’t need to visit Gym Center or having expensive Gym instruments in your house before you can exercise.
A little jump on your room or steps will warm your system for you to look younger before you depart to bathroom for cleanup.
3_ Emergencies
It’s a must for you to address emergencies on your phone/business/family/life as this can cause big trouble.
I used to address emergency business requests on my Phone. Tasks like emergency feedback mails.
Attending to sick family members. This fall to the 2nd category atimes.
4_ Level One Tasks
This is the most important tasks in your business.
They’re not emergencies but you must address them 1stly to move closer to your goals.
Reading normal business mails.
Develop solution copies for the d-day.
Call back missed important calls.
addressing sales solutions.
developing/planning the winning strategies.
5_ Level 2 Tasks
You can do this by yourself or dedicate them to other trusted Parties/Workers.
Business research
New Clients’ research
Partnerships’ research
6_ Level 3 Tasks
Tasks that are also important but can be done at anytime/any day.
Creating 2nd email
Having more phone numbers
Upgrading Workers
Practise new systems
Picking ordinary calls,
7_ Level 4 Tasks
Tasks/Assignment that are not even. Important and can’t really affect you if not engaged on them.
Online/offline arguments.
wasting time across the social networks.
advising arrogance.
making useless calls.
posting nonsense to WhatsApp Status.
Watching nonsense in WhatsApp Status.
Watching movies for several hours daily instead of 2 hours maximum.
Wasting their times mostly in TikTok.
No 7 is where 80% of people wasting their precious times mostly daily & they usually realize at the end of every year.
If you’re in the same Shoe, it’s high time to change the game.
Above are the winning schedule using the most daily by 1% of people controlling the entire World wealth.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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