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The Value Of Your Life Part 1
You don’t know the value of your life?
You will know now.
The entire unbelievable secrets uncovered below will show you the most hiding secrets you need to know about your real life and destiny.
I got to know this Brother through Forex Trading in 2007.
And, as a Professional Trader, he fell in love with me immediately.
To the extent that, within a short period, we sit together, collaborate together and eat together always.
I love him for something. He values the power of INTERNET and Entrepreneurship so much.
If fact, anytime I am doing big Project, I used to carry him along. 
When you’re looking for a Man of CRAZY information awareness, bother no more. He has a lot of hiding Solutions in his IQ.
He used to trouble me well well.
He’s the only one that would say….
“Ori re o pe ni(you don’t have sense)”.
He doesn’t care to use that language, it is just his character & it’s not a serious perspective at all.
I don’t normally count it.
I so much respect him for the Solutions. He has crazy global connections in hand.
He’s is a real Man of solutions.
A humankind deserves to be friend and family.
Without him, human life is not complete.
He would call me before 7am Nigeria Time, when preparing for the ICT Office, and demanded for my visit to his house.
Even when I’m annoying for that unnoticeable call, I would still visit him early morning before office resume.
Anytime, anywhere they had ICT issue, he used to call me immediately for the solution. Even, in the State Secretariat.
There was a Community Web Project I carried him along and he contributed massively.
I said human life is not completed at all, without having the humankind(partner) like him.
Great Politician used to hunt him for advices and supports, as a active sensible Politician in Political aspect.
I just don’t like to mention his real life name.
In February 2022.
I was joking with him regarding birthday big celebration in March but he proposed 2023 for big celebration said when he’s 50.
And, I prayed for him. We departed in joy.
We were both Ogbomoso Indigenes.
Some hours after his birthday on March ending 2022, something terrible happened!
Red afternoon inside my Office!
Around 2pm Nigeria Time, I was in my private ICT Office in Ogbomoso and I received call from Ibadan.
Jerry, what happened to _______________
I wasn’t aware. I couldn’t figure out.
Few minutes……………
A young lady in my Office Complex knew him in my Office always, rushed down to my Office and asked what’s happening.
Suddenly showed me his RIP(Rest in Perfect Peace) Picture flooded her WhatsApp Status.
Red wishes from people that did not wish him in his birthday past few hours.
I was shocked and sweating.
I couldn’t reach his number again.
I couldn’t reach his bossom friend number also.
Where should I go?
Who should I call next?
I managed to reach emergency in Bowen University Teaching Hospital(Baptist Hospital). I asked about him and immediately they heard that name, they knocked me out of emergency research and denied their awareness immediately. Just to prevent shock!
I left there together with my 2nd on visit.
After few hours, I confirmed that my loving Bro. including his bossom I was calling involved together in brutal Trailer Motorcycle collision accident and that was the end.
Nobody to help me cry when I silent myself in the night, nearby my Office before I had finally left Office.
Now, read this and learn big if you don’t know “The Value Of Your Life”.
On his burial programme the following day.
Crowd were flooded there as if we were burying the whole Country President.
When interviewing fellows during Sermon, everybody was crying about his uncommon values that cannot be getting again for life.
Remember, I talk about his solutions’ talents.
Everyone in the burial was crying over the same glory and they confessed.
I used to complain about his weaknesses sides when he was alive. But I want more from him now, because, his values are empty in my life, but I can’t get it again for life.
This is affecting my SPIRIT everyday.
What is the value of your life?
Do you know the values of people surrounding you today?
You’re valued to many.
Church members
Mosque members
School relatives
are so valued to you today one way or the other, but you won’t know.
You won’t know until you miss them totally.
Cater for them. Life cannot be predicted!
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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