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The Most Successful Facebook and Instagram Ads Copy
Why would you be advertising on Facebook and Instagram without Copywriting knowledge?
Stop wasting your money unnecessarily!
You need to learn big about Copywriting here or partner with a good Copywriter to avoid this common slap.
“My ads not convert”
Everyone complains always!
It didn’t convert simply because it lacked the real Copywriting fundamentals.
It’s now time to show you the most successful Facebook and Instagram ads copy.
Let’s begin!
We’ve 3 types of ads copy minimum.
(1) Short copy
(2) Medium copy
(3) Long copy
Each copy in the above must obey the copy rules and most importantly, triggered towards your main ads goal, which is the most important thing.
Important Awareness!
Learn how to write good Facebook and Instagram ads headlines in this website and always fix resonate headline on top of your ad copy. Simply because, that’s the 2nd thing Users usually sighted after creative. So, obey this simple instructions to always be on a saver side.
Case study 1
Based on short copy.
We’ve short content readers on Facebook and Instagram. The job of this copy is to hold Users’ attentions that you’ve already grabbed through your headlines.
Example 1
“Welcome 🤝
too many people complain about wasting their precious times daily by people dissapointed them whenever they’ve participating in their WhatsApp Class.
I promised I won’t do that. I will help you understand affiliate marketing straight forward and you can get started immediately after the class. Soon, will be easy for you too to be making 1M minimum monthly.”
You can see that there’s clarity in the above short copy. I’ve cleared the Users’ common objections straight forward and I went straight to the point. Means they know what to get when attending my affiliate marketing business WhatsApp Class. This short copy converted well in my history. And I believed, it would also convert for you.
Example 2
“This 1 hour maximum video will show you the most reliable online business that are very hot now”
Instead of talking about” making money” that Meta hates. You applied acceptable system and still ACHIEVED the same. This type of ads short copy works well for live or pre-recorded Webinars. Don’t sleep on it.
Example 3
“Can You Sacrifice Just #10,000 To Achieve Your Internet Money Dream?”
Very simple and straight forward. 
This short copy type is good to sell making money online digital product straight forward, no matter where you’re directing your Clients into. Me and my global ad Students used related formats always and it works. It works simply because everyone wants to make money online. Especially the Nigerian greedy audience.
No story in short copy ooo. It’s usually simple and straight forward and by testing few along, you will know exactly what to kill and what will be raking in millions of sales for you along. It’s as simple as that.
Leg move to the medium size copy…
Case study 2
Based on medium size copy
You must always have 2 times minimum copy length of what we’ve in example 1 in the short copy above.
Some leads are very CRAZY!
Their level of sophistications are a little bit high. Short copy can’t pull them in.
So here, you focus better on one big idea in your package that will drive them in. Let me uncover big SECRETS for you here.
“I love mingle with the people!
I love doing exercise.
But something surprised me!
Anytime I go out for 10,000 walk minimum exercise, I used to come across strangers asking me where to get one or two things they wanted to achieve and they’re ready to sacrifice whatever demanded to achieve those dreams.
Emergine a rich Woman that just know me was asking me the best Markets in my City that She could be buying anything every week. She’s 100% ready to spend whatever required if I could introduce her to the best food Sellers in any reliable market in my area. 
What surprised me the most. One day, I was on Facebook and somebody confessed that She made 1M from just connected one buyer in her Facebook group with the trustworthy Seller. “According to her! She made 1M reward(commission) just like that! Something She did in less than 10 minutes. I was SHOCKED!
That’s exactly what drive me into the business that’s making me 1M minimum monthly now and I wanted to show you everything.”
You can then add your CTA below to close this copy. Very simple! Learn better about the perfect CTAs to always apply in this website and you will win. You can reduce the above medium copy by 20% to make it fully medium
Important Awareness!
The above copy has been fully tested and it performed well when generated leads for affiliate marketing business. See how I embedded my short story that’s fully fitted for affiliate marketing business. Tap this copy anoiting and you will win.
Case study 3
Based on long copy
Listen up!
This copy used to be longer than the above and we normally use it for so many reasons.
– To qualify Prospects
– To flush away unwanted Users
– To sell high tickets
The most important things in this copy are:
– Grab attention
Here, use emotional headline fully perfect for whatever you’re selling and make sure it’s a scroll stopper.
This Nigerian Guy Did 100M Online Without Using Any Laptop 🔥
Then, tell true story.
Learn big about time tested headlines in this website. The purpose of headline is to grab attention. Then, let’s continue with long copy main job.
– Hold Attention
It’s one thing to let beautiful girl answer you, it’s another thing to make her listen to you. So, start your long copy sensibly. We cannot spoon-feed you everything in this low ticket yearly International Entrepreneurship Website.
– Convert Attention
Open so many loops during copy discussion and close each towards the end of the copy.
“I was SHOCKED when I passed through the front of this new Company and I saw them closed.
What really happened!
I was asking myself silently.
I’m going to reveal everything to you.
Keep learning.”
See how I opened loop and keep holding this Facebook and Instagram User reading my ads copy.
Then, close(fulfil) whatever the loops(promises) you’ve opened towards the end of this long copy. Very simple!
Instead of using high sophistication affiliate marketing words several times in your copy, this story strategy helps you cut through the corner and defeated your Competitors. They’ve been tested. They work.
Just add your CTA at the end. You will always get the best audience, unless you don’t follow my simple instructions here, that I’ve taught you from my over a decade of Entrepreneurship experience.
The job of long copy is to move audience from unaware into the solution awareness level and make them happy to buy whatever you’re selling JOYFULLY.
Live by this simple Facebook and Instagram ads copy here and nobody can stop you.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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