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Secret Offer That Made Me 50k In One Day Through Radio Advert In 2018, Period The Entire World Believed That Radio Ad Was Obsolete.
My business team was looking at me when I said I’m going to make just 50k($100) on radio back 2018.
Because, it was insane decision, creating confidence to earn like 50k in faded medium & I remained on my perspective.
I then booked 15 minutes on local Nigeria radio(Parrot FM).
One day to the Programme, I did something strange.
I compiled one tangible digital Course in Facebook Advertisement & another powerful 3 as bonuses to offer the general public on radio for just 5k($10 now) price.
Nobody sells digital Products on radio.
And, Competitors was looking at me afar like a mad Entrepreneur. Believed buyers would share themselves very quickly/easily & I won’t succeed.
Who cares🤷?
I went live on radio & present my plan through my tangible Entrepreneurship experience.
You didn’t buy this package very quickly in 3 days maximum, don’t bother to call me(emergency)!
Only 10 people would benefit this, “I kept shouting…….(Scarcity)!
You know what?
Buyers flooded my Phone with calls, begging me crazily to take their monies.  Some of them even called me to please accept deposits & allow them pay off balances in 3 days maximum.
I closed down this offer in 3 days maximum as promised & rejected aspiring buyers persuading me to permit their late orders.
Emerging many buyers begging me to take their monies.
It was a CRAZY decision but I made it happen.
The most important lessons:
How did I achieve that?
1_ I believed in myself(my experience) that I can do it.
2_ I understand buyers’ MINDSETS.
3_ I tested/applied the working strategies & I did it.
Means, I can still do it tomorrow if interested.
I just need little transition.
Thanks for learning!
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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