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Reality Behind Your Passion.
When will people stopped this is not my passion, that is not my interest?
Written is not my passion also & I produced best selling books written by myself, “Small Business Big Money” & “How To Sell To Nigerians”.
I can’t count number of times I have heard people say to me that my teachings changed their lives and businesses. That’s why I keep doing it. Teaching business and marketing is my passion. But I teach it better when I make money elsewhere and then spend it on the passion. 
I can do a business I am not passionate about to make money so I can feed myself and my family. I can then use the money to fuel my passion. It is not compulsory that it is my passion that will bring in my livelihood. Only lazy people think like that.
When I make money from my other businesses and investments I am not passionate about, I then spend it on creating free and low priced contents to teach others. Like my annual event(not done in two years though), Youth Enterprise Conference. I do it for free
Youth Enterprise Conference costs me about N20m to host. It is free to attend. Why? I’m passionate about it. I have come across a lot of people who do not want to sell a certain kind of product or invest in it because they are not passionate about it.
I can bet it that Dangote is not passionate about cement. Make your money, then spend it on your passion and charity. See Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos going to space. Money first, then spend on passion. 
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
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