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Online Business Top Trends In 2024
Cryptocurrency Industry business dominated online trend in 2017, those who jumped in with sense made millions. Even billions.
Crypto again in 2020. The smart rushed in & laughed. Nonentity(Gamblers) crying. It’s always a game of the SMARTEST. 
Affiliate Marketing dominated trends in African continent so far 2021. Too many fresh Millionaires being born.
Below are 5 top trends in 2024:
(1) Affiliate Marketing
Anywhere you stand online. Affiliate Marketers here and there. Why? That’s the easiest way to start making money online now. 
It has dominated trends in African continent so far 2021. Produced plenty Millionaires. Will still trend again. Learn how to do it inside this website.
(2) Lead generation
Sellers globally are selling to prospects indirectly through emails, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
Do you know how to generate quality leads(prospective buyers) for them?
Too many remote contract across, and you can be making $10,000 monthly. Learn how to do it like Pro. inside this World Internet Billionaires Website. Become a lead generation agency and hunt plenty contracts across brands. Nobody can stop you..
(3) Information Marketing Business
This is the foundation of online things. All businesses online today, including this International Website standing on top of information marketing business. Information is everything!
It doesn’t matter the audio, video, picture, gif, copy, ebook, etc. format. Information is everything. We’ve made millions upon millions on it in history. Information are unlimited in price. It’s the only thing that you need to PROSPER in life. Information is everything! 
People travelled round the World. Sacrificed millions/billions to access information. The richest Investors in Stock, Forex & Crypto accessed the right financial information early.
See how CRAZY information is.
Find real life solution information. Package it inform of ebook, maybe audio or video and sell it online through Facebook ads or other means.
Plenty money done come.
You can easily be making millions monthly. I have ordinary beginner Students doing 1-5M monthly selling ordinary information ebooks.
Learn how to do it inside this website. You don’t have any problem. 
(4) AI(Artificial Intelligence?
ChatGPT came alive on November 30, 2022. I was SHOCKED!
A robot that’s READY to answer whatever you request so fast, chat with you and defeated Google by 50 times. If not 100.
I couldn’t believe until I was asking ChatGPT anything & he answered in seconds. Straight forward best answer. Not like Google that you need to go through different web options & chose the best by yourself.
What an amazing innovation by Open AI Company!
50% of solution contents flying around now were being harvested from too many AIs across. Very easy to create content if you don’t have real life stories & entrepreneurship experience like me to write directly from your journey.
Google later introduced bard AI to combat competition & bard is also doing great. I do use it once in a while, instead of Google search.
Elon Musk also introduced grok AI through X(formerly Twitter) & is presently on beta(testing stage) as I am writing this now.
How can you make millions through AI in 2024?
A lot of SMARTEST Internet Users used to create ebooks, SMM(Social Media Management) contents, copy, research and sold them millions to brands online. 
Sometimes, they sell through ads. The beautiful part of it. bard by Google can help you summarize any YouTube video in one minute & give you instant result in form of short content.
Grok AI on X is ready to answer anything that will make you PROSPER on X. So wonderful! Grok can reveal the SUCCESS SECRETS of top X Users in seconds.
What a wonderful innovation!
Popular AIs now are:
– ChatGPT
– Bard
– Grok
Almost all the Giant platforms are building their AI now. More information along. 
You can easily make millions on this trend in 2024 by following simple aforementioned instructions. Don’t sleep on them. 
Access AI TANGIBLE SECRETS across our learning rooms. 
(5) Cryptocurrency Industry
What may likely be the top trend in 2024?
Is it AI or Cryptocurrency?
Time will tell BETTER.
But there’s miracle money in Crypto. My 1st breakthrough in Crypto was 17X(17 times) return on investment in 2017.
I made 100X, more, more & more after on.
The miracle money in Crypto not so common. It has nothing to do with your age. $10 can change your story in Crypto if you’re luck. 
In 2020/21 BOOM MARKETS. One of my Students turned $10 into real millions in high risk Shiba Inu memecoin project. No PAINS no gain.
You can experience unexpected loss too in Crypto. Yes! But, there’s miracle money in Crypto. Especially, if you can ride Crypto for 4 years circle minimum.
4 years circle patience is all you need in Crypto when you invest little in reliable Crypto Projects. DONE! You will be laughing for life.
How can you change your STORY in Cryptocurrency Industry?
As a Cryptocurrency Specialist, CONGRATS! Year 2024 is another 4 years circle event in Crypto. We call it Bitcoin HALVING event. Event that used to change too many lives.
So, you’re so luck if you’re reading this early in 2024. In fact, as at now, I’ve made 3.3X(over 3 times) in Bitcoin for my free global Followers in 2023/24 alone. I’ve premium investing signals but I do share them at times.
Very simple!
So, please, learn how Cryptocurrency Industry works across our learning rooms, invest as advised and you will laugh for life through Cryptocurrency 2024 Bitcoin HALVING event.
P. S.
Above 5 SECRETS are not the only trends in 2024. We still have businesses like:
– Facebook ads
– Forex
– Amazon KDP
– Copywriting
– Sales page designing 
that will still appear in business trends.
FOCUS on one at a time and go all in. Especially Cryptocurrency.
Nobody Can Stop You! 
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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