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Magnetic Facebook Ads Headlines
Very vital information!
The purpose of your ads copy is to make people click through and hold their 1st attention. If too many platform Users keep scrolling & they hardly click your ad whenever they come across it, you’ve failed already. You won’t experience that after learning here.
Here are the real fundamentals:
Case study 1
“Are you looking for the reliable online business?”
The above headline has been so successful for me in history. Simply because, it’s simple, clear & straight forward. 
Almost everyone is seriously looking for the business opportunities online, no matter how rich they’re. Good to lure in masses if you’re running broad online business. That’s, you’re selling through many business types.
Case study 2
“For U.S.A Students Only”
No any U.S.A Student will see the 3 words Facebook ad headline above when you target U.S Students on Facebook and not click it.
It has niche down and talk to U.S.A Students straight forward.
Very fantastic if you’re selling something that will help United States of American Students.
Case study 3
“Opportunity to say bye bye to your Nigeria job for life”
Too good headline speaking straight to anyone working in 9-5 job in Nigeria. It’s fairly broad in nature & will grab them in immediately.
Case study 4
“Can you sacrifice just 30 minutes to see the light online”
See headline above by yourself?
I’m too good in Copywriting!
Na God!
Good to command audience for your moneymaking opportunities WhatsApp Class coming very soon.
Instead of talking about affiliate marketing like everyone & be losing qualified leads, you’ve avoided high level of sophistication and still SUCCEED passed your competitors.
This type of headline used to attract plenty rich audience on Facebook and Instagram seriously searching for the business opportunities.
Case study 5
“30 Minutes Sacrifice To SUCCEED Online This Year” 
Fully performed headline for your webinar. Good to pull qualify audience in and sweet the promises but always make the balance. While everyone is shouting webinar in their ads across, you go the other way like this and defeated them all.
Most Importantly
Everything I have uncovered for you here have been tested fully on Facebook and Instagram ads’ within the last decade and they performed well.
But make sure that you learn big about ad copy across this website, so that you can understand how to hold their attentions already grabbed through the magnetic headline.
It’s one thing to grab the attention. It’s another thing to hold it. Always fulfil whatever you’ve promised in your ad. Reframe your new headline through the 5 fully tested case studies above. Don’t copy word for word to achieve your goals, as too many people are reading this. Instead of using unaccepted words and be promising big money that meta(Facebook) hates and they will ban you very quickly, this is the real fundamentals.
FINALLY, Facebook and Instagram ads is a game of testing ooo? Always test many headlines along and get married with the one FINALLY giving you the best results in your business. Nobody knows! You can only know this after several testing. That’s the only way.
Live by and nobody can stop you:)
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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