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How To Think About Money – Made Simple
You can’t help anyone by making less money than
you could. The best thing you can do for poor folks
is not be one of them. Set an inspiring example for
anyone who might want to pay attention, but don’t
feel the least bit guilty about having a beautiful
home or many, even when the TV news shows you a
family living in a cardboard box beneath a bridge.
There are a lot of homes around just as beautiful
as yours for sale, and if the people living in the
box really wanted a home, they’d get jobs, save
money, start a business, and soon live somewhere
better, and eventually buy a beautiful home too.
You moving out of your home and into a box beneath
the bridge won’t help them.
Said that way, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?
Taking prosperity away from one person does not
automatically enrich another.
The entire ‘great society’ experiment has also
shown us that taking prosperity away from some and
giving it to others doesn’t accomplish anything of
lasting significance either. 
This is the theory of
liberalism; government as Robin Hood. But Robin
Hood was a thief. And he had a lot less overhead
than the government. 
The first flaw in government
redistribution of wealth schemes is there seems to
be very little of the wealth they confiscate that
makes it through their bureaucracies to actual
The second flaw is that dependence
reinforces dependence; it does not create independence. The person who is deemed “poor” and
has a basket of food sufficient for his needs dropped off every Monday by Robin Hood rarely finds
a plot of land and, absent tools, digs with his
hands until his knuckles bleed in order to plant
and tend a garden. 
Our welfare state has been and, is a trap more than a ladder, a gigantic industry
and government bureaucracy dependent on it has
developed and become entrenched and powerful, and
the Democratic Party has as one of its chief and
most reliable voting blocks the population
dependent on welfare – which is why liberals are so
eager to expand it.
Theft is theft and there is no justice in it.
The government as Robin Hood actually steals from
the rich and the poor at the same time. Its gifts
are more harmful than helpful, as they reinforce
dependence. Its thefts suppress innovation,
economic growth, job creation, job preservation in
the U.S., even charity.
It is impossible to tax a population to prosperity. Abraham Lincoln, a hero of liberals for his leadership in civil
rights, but despised by any liberals who know of his economic
philosophy, said,
“You cannot help the weak by weakening the
The first thing to think about money is that
there’s plenty of it for everybody willing to do
what works to attract it and work to earn it. Never
think of money as finite, so that a dollar you get
deprives someone else of a dollar.
Second, then,
go get as much of it as you want by creating value
to exchange for it, without guilt. Don’t ever feel
guilty about sitting up front in the first class
cabin because somebody else is in back, in coach.
Your choices got you where you are, their choices
have gotten them where they are. If you want to be
charitable, that’s fine. But don’t feel guilty.
Guilt repels prosperity. And don’t let anybody
else sell you negative ideas about money either.
Your emotional relationship with money is very
important. You might not realize you even have an
emotional relationship with money but you do, and
it’s fragile and easily, adversely affected.
People who constantly lack money have in common
negative emotions about it and toward those who
have it. Their relationship with it is full of
fear, anxiety, envy and resentment.
People who have plenty of money have in common
positive emotions about it. This is not
coincidence. It is cause and effect. Next, never focus on lack. Don’t dwell on or
worry about what you haven’t got. Worry has never
made money materialize. 
I’ve tried it. It doesn’t
work. Instead, concentrate on something productive
and profitable, on finding new or better
opportunity, on somehow making yourself more
valuable. Because of the nature of my business,
over 30 years, I’ve gotten to know lots and lots –
thousands – of people who once lacked money and now
have a lot of it. Most of them are not any smarter
than you.
Many do not have college educations. Some
come from ‘mean streets.’ Many have failed once or
several times before succeeding. They are
genetically, intrinsically nothing special. Their
thinking and behavior differed and differs from the
majority who don’t do well financially, but they
are not different – so anyone, including you, can
achieve and enjoy the same prosperity they have if
you will learn about and adopt their thinking and
behaviors. There is no shortage of opportunity. Don’t resent those who do well. 
All envy and
jealousy of the rich is counter-productive, just as
is the desire for something to be taken away from
those who have it, to be given to you. Everybody
who is doing very, very well financially has
something to teach you, to reveal to you, if you
will observe them and study them. The fact that
their success exists can and should inspire and
encourage you.
How to Think About Money.
It is tempting to look at the wealthy as
undeserving or lucky. This is rarely the case. Few
who watch Jay Leno host The Tonight Show and know
how wealthy he is are aware of how much time he
spent sleeping in his car – he was twice arrested
for vagrancy, in L.A., near the current location of
his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 
This is the
truth behind 99% of the rich, the rich and famous,
and the successful in any and every field of
endeavor; there is reason not happenstance. Educate yourself about money and about success.
Instead of wasting any time in jealousy, envy,
resentment, self-pity, or paralysis, invest that
time in educating yourself. Even if you are
‘resources challenged’, the public library stocks
countless books about success, biographies of
successful people, how-to books about every kind of
business, as well as current magazines about money,
investment, business and success. 
Prepare your mind
for the financial position you intend being in, not
the one you are in now. Develop a ‘success
consciousness’ as well as a true understanding of
why and how money moves about, from one person or
entity to another. Ultimately, sooner not later,
you will need to narrow your focus to an area of
specialty, a means of making income and developing
wealth that you are going to personally use in the
short-term. But you can start broad and find your
way to narrow. If you’ve never read the classic
book in the success genre, 
Napoleon Hill, that’s a very good place to begin.
As soon as you are willing to think of yourself as
an entrepreneur, my book, ‘The No B.S. Guide To
Wealth Attraction For Entrepreneurs’ is another
excellent resource, although it is a bit more
advanced. Don’t wait.
The saying is: time waits for no
man. You can’t wait until you know a lot more or economic circumstances in your town or the world
are better or the seasons change or for any other
reason. You must start moving in the direction you
wish to go, toward prosperity. 
Procrastination is the language of the poor.
A man I know who made himself a multi-
millionaire by building up a lawn care and
landscaping business, then buying up other such
businesses, began with a borrowed push-mower,
cutting lawns on weekends. 
At night, he studied
very book he could find on business in general and
about the landscaping business in specific, read
that industry’s trade journals, collected
literature from companies in the industry. One day
a customer whose lawn he mowed engaged him in
conversation. Told about the young man’s business
goals, the customer, a wealthy entrepreneur,
offered to loan him the capital he needed to get
equipment and start a business. 
Most people would
call this luck. It is not. It could not have
happened if the young man hadn’t gotten started
cutting lawns with a borrowed push-mower, and
probably wouldn’t have happened if the young man
hadn’t prepared himself to speak knowledgeably and
intelligently about his business plans. 
I could tell you hundreds of nearly identical stories and
hundreds more that do not involve a wealthy
benefactor but involve some other “leapfrog” move,
that all might be called “luck” by the ignorant,
but all were sparked by getting started and by
being prepared.
This is something we cannot transfer from one
person to another, forcibly, by taxing the one and
handing money to the other. It is called
“initiative” and each person already possesses
everything they need to exhibit it and apply it.
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