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How To SUCCEED In Sales and Marketing Without Market’s Research
“These people are not buying”
Above are how too many Sellers are complaining globally now.
They got frustrated in business due to low or no sales. Emergine someone had 900 prospects in 
her WhatsApp business room, organized special Programme for them and nobody buy at the end of the so valuable Class.
She sick for about one Week. 
The greatest LESSONS in life usually found in Entrepreneurship, ask the richest people in the World.
I don’t want you to suffer those PAINS too much, that’s why I am here to rescue you this today.
It’s general believe that you can’t SUCCEED in selling any online business without market’s research.
Let me show you the 3 TANGIBLE reasons from my real life STORIES.
How To SUCCEED In Sales and Marketing Without Market’s Research
Case study 1
Tap into trend
Everyone was singing forex trading in Nigeria in 2007. You won’t SUCCEED much in whatever you’re selling online, if you don’t talk about forex.
I tapped into that trend, gained plenty eyes into my business and sold and sold and sold a lot and made millions.
Tell me…….
Did I used any market’s research before I made those millions?
Prove me wrong?
Case study 2
Satisfy people’s dopamine
99% of Nigerians won’t buy anything from you in 2016/17 if you don’t hail MMM(Ponzi scheme)! Programme that dominated every Nigeria heart in those years. Emergine?
While other Entrepreneurs condemned it in public simply because, it was a useless Programme, I didn’t condemn it openly.
I hailed it a lit bit in my advertisement, told my people bitter truth peacefully and they all listened to me, welcomed my ideas, fell in love with my product and bought plenty.
I made millions by attaching their dopamine(crazy interest) into my marketing and drive their interests.
People can easily pay you billions if you live within their stupid believe and not go against them. 
Did I used any market’s research before I made those millions?
Prove me wrong?
Case study 3
“Make money online business opportunities”
I organized AMA LIVE in 2017 and I used radio ad in marketing aspect.
AMA LIVE means “ask me anything” about (my business). You can use it for anything. I used WhatsApp group. Sometimes, I do use webinar. Depends on my actual goal and the applied system. WhatsApp group is amazing for content/voice audience.
The AMA LIVE I did was 100% frames around “make money online business”.
People bombarded my phone with calls throughout that day and I was getting new call in every 2 minutes. Emergine 5 calls awaiting every minute in the 1st one hour.
My phone battery run down entirely that day. Thank God I’ve 24 hours electricity in my Office(solar).
Masses were begging on phone to join my WhatsApp Class room and the entire room filled up within 24 hours.
I was surprised too!
Did I used any market’s research before I made those millions?
Everybody wants to make money online. You need ZERO MARKET’S RESEARCH to sell make money package.
Most important thing.
There’s always way out in Entrepreneurship.
No matter how difficult your present condition is. Entrepreneurship is a critical thinking journey. Always think deep about the uncommon solutions to cross your present road block.
No need to have big experience like me.
I’ve more than 1,000 real life STORIES like this. Your testimonies to us will encourage me to share more, just to help you move forward so fast by tapping into my experiences.
I’m not against market’s research.
It’s good, especially, if you’re a beginner with little or no experience.
But just believe there’s always way out.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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