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How To SUCCEED In Nigeria
The situation of Nigeria economy is brutal as I am writing now in February 2024. We’re presently experiencing the worst inflation in the history of Nigeria, to the level that too many Sellers & their organizations embarked on Strike. 
They don’t know which price to sell again, after increased the prices several times.
It may be better before you read this solution. I believed.
Nonentity can’t live in Nigeria. I knew this since I was born.
No matter how the final situation at anytime you’re reading this, below are the suggested solution. They’ve been fully tested in my journey and they work.
(1) High Income Skills
Too many Nigerians are working at home now as tech employees and they usually get $500 minimum monthly. I have Students getting up to $2,000 minimum monthly in remote jobs each with foreign brands.
Get good in:
– Writing skills
– Tech skills
– Marketing skills
– Selling skills
That’s the only way to qualify yourself for international remote jobs to benefit high rate dollar exchange and be free. Congrats! You can learn everything inside this website.
(2) Affiliate marketing dominated the Nigeria Country for good 3 years as I am writing this. Learn affiliate marketing here, go all in & be free. Affiliate marketing business is the easiest way to start making money online. It’s easy for you to be making 1M minimum monthly when you’re doing affiliate marketing for this website. Basic!
(3) Sell low tickets price products on Facebook through Facebook ads. Learn how to do that inside this website.
(4) I passed through fire in history. It’s the real people surrounding me that saved me. Build good relationship with the right people. You don’t know what may likely be the disasters tomorrow. And those surrounded you will rescue you.
(5) Don’t expect anything from the government to limit your headache. Government is just like a new husband. If perform well, fine. If not, move on. Don’t sleep on it just like 90% do now, you may suffer a lot of headaches.
(6) Know how to SELL and you can live anywhere successfully globally. Not only Nigeria.
(7) There was a time that I was seriously suffering sales on business. My business problems got solved the very 1st time that I read “Small Business Big Money” Book by Nigerian Billionaire Entrepreneur Akin Alabi.
White Man says “hide solution for black people inside the book & they will never read it”. Total solution to whatever your problems are hiding inside the books. READ. 
(8) Too many brands can pay you whatever you’ve demanded if you know how to get prospective Clients for them. Same with super affiliates.
Know how to generate leads and get big contracts across, you will be free financially in Nigeria for life.
(9) My Students start Crypto trading immediately after training. He turned his trading balance to 5X luckily within a month. It happens like that atimes.
The next thing I see is that he bought new Car instantly & called me for celebration. Difficult to advise in that stage, so, I just closed my mouth. “Reality will tell him”. I said it silently in my heart.
About 2 big invested projects crashed the following month inside his Crypto portfolio & he portfolio lost about 90%. Not redeemable in nature!
He was crying on phone when he informed me & he sold the new Car cheaply the following week but couldn’t healed the wound.
When you SUCCEED in Nigeria, don’t buy Car so fast. That’s the only way to PROSPER in Nigeria.
(10) Remain inside World Internet Billionaires yearly to capture the yearly business opportunities so fast and win.
(11) Earn In DOLLARS
Exchange rate in Nigeria is too high as I am writing this now & any Nigerian not earning in dollars is missing this uncommon opportunities.
– Crypto
– Forex Trading
– Stock
– Freelance
– Amazon KDP
– Affiliate Marketing
to earn in DOLLARS and laugh to your bank account.
Access different ways you can earn in DOLLARS inside this website.
(12) Be a Student of online businesses. Trends change yearly! Be the 1st to capture those SECRETS & act fast, you won’t bother about Nigeria headache. You will always know the yearly trend inside this website.
(13) Too many people relying on 1st Class Certificates in Nigeria. Technology is where the money is. See plenty people working at home in tech & be earning $10,000 monthly each. Humble yourself & LEARN. Gone the day of sleeping in your common certificate.
(14) A friend of mine lose $5,000 online in less than 5 minutes. He downloaded & logged into fake app in app store. Too many G Guys in Nigeria. Educate yourself about the internet security to live successfully in Nigeria.
(15) If you don’t invest in your financial education, you can’t live successfully in Nigeria.
(16) A Guy was making $2,000 monthly but his housewife & children were chopping that money monthly. Nothing to show off for good 6 Months.
He contact me & I helped her train his wife in affiliate marketing. He was surprised! His Wife hardly request for financial help weekly. She was making 500K naira monthly the last time I verify.
To Do
Create online home business for your Wife to be free.
How to SUCCEED in a tough Country like Nigeria is as simple as that.
To be FREE.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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