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How To Sell Anything like CRAZY.
World Internet Billionaires is no BULLSHIT International Platform to get straightforward Solutions without stupid embedded stories.
Here are the tangible SECRETS:
Today, Business Owners spend millions upon millions created Products/Services, designed World Class Logo, Equip standard Chairs in their businesses Offices with full A.C, did other things.
At the end of the day, business paralized!
Product’s Creator refused to “MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES”.
You’re not wrong when you fell into this category in the past but you’re bad if you still don’t admit changes now.
Below Are 12 Secret Habits Of Highly Successful Global Sellers:
1st Habit
Do you have Website?
Buyers wanted to deal with the real Seller and 90% of these buyers that come across your small/large business wanted guaranteed package.
You build Website for early credibility.
And, it would help you break that trust barrier initially.
Your business is small & you don’t have money to create good(if not standard) website.
No excuse?
Go & create free website in “Google Free Website”
Although, big buyers(like $10K) won’t recognize free Website, but, there’s nothing bad in starting somewhere.
You can start with any of the free Web Services & go better as soon as having little budget.
Top Sellers start their business journey in live Website, Newbies went shortcut & failed.
2nd Habit
You need to render your package presentation well from the onset, otherwise, you won’t succeed.
That’s good “COPYWRITING”.
You can learn big about Copywriting in our Website across, we’ve a lot of World Class real life successful Copywriting Education/Secrets from real life Sales & Marketing experience.
The ball is at your Court now!
You don’t have just an hour a day to learn?
No barrier!
Seek the service of a reliable Copywriter to do the magic for you.
All the same.
3rd Habit
Reading Business Books
All the top Sellers I know used to read many business books monthly, especially, the Sales & Marketing Books in which you need the most.
Try to get/read:
Ca$hvertising Book(By Drew Eric Whitman)
Sell like CRAZY(By Sabri Suby)
How To Sell To Nigerians(By Akin Alabi)
Traffic Secret(By Brunson Russell)
The greatest selling secrets are inside the books, that’s why top Sellers read like CRAZY to access plenty selling wisdom.
You know what to do now!
4th Habit
They Cherised Partnerships.
Binance Crypto Exchange is the biggest Cryptocurrency Industry Exchange in the entire World.
Despite Binance level?
They partnered with FORBES.
don’t be surprised!
They asked Binance Founder why still partnered with FORBES?
And, he said Binance Company had so much respect for any Organization/Firm/Company higher/Smarter than them.
There was a time I partnered with one big Influencer when I wanted to tap into his huge audience.
You know what?
After his 1st awareness by presenting my sales copy to his audience.
I couldn’t believed the result.
I sold & sold & sold a lot that day. 1st campaign ever! Emerging!
White People so much believed in partnerships, that’s why they’ve achieved tremendously.
This International Platform World Internet Billionaires is presently partnering with many reliable sources now. Watchout as we’re moving higher so soon.
Partnerships are the greatest shortcuts to achieve anything in life. Read, learn & digest.
5th Habit
Netflix used to allow a month free to watch premium movies in their Platform & most of you finally Subscribed after a month enjoyment.
Google allows you to get limited answers for free and sell you adverts.
YouTube allows you to watch for free and sell you advert.
Facebook allows you to socialize and monitize your data(show/sell your dat related ads).
I empowered plenty Newbies for free in Cryptocurrency Industry in 2021 and the largest percentage of Participants are patronizing my business till today.
Since one Woman gave me her Kunu for free, I’m buying almost everyday till today.
Human brain was wired that way, it’s you as a Seller must create system for this, in your business, if you really wanted to be a successful Seller.
That’s it.
6th Habit
Newbies sell based on his own believe package, Giant sell based on Markets’ demands.
Iroko TV figured out Nigerians watched a lot of movies(market’s demand) through rents & launched the 1st & most successful online T.V in Nigeria Country ever.
I see inexperienced Seller committing the same mistake everyday.
They start new businesses with big borrowed capital or using their hard-earned money & loaded Products not even demanded in the marketplace at all.
At a short run(2-3 yrs), businesses liquidate entirely & Sellers in trouble.
 Don’t sell what you like please.
👉SELL what the society wants.
How to know what exactly people want?
– Follow social Networks’ complains.
– Listen to questions & answers on radio.
– Ask in the public groups/forums.
– Test your plan business on Facebook/YouTube/Google Ad.
– Study what your environment lacked that people are painful to get.
– Study your Church/Mosque.
– Confirm in Google Trend.
Let’s continue…….
7th Habit
They Sell Transformation.
This Platform World Internet Billionaires can solve the biggest Problems in the entire World, no matter where you’re living. Especially, moneymaking aspects.
If your product/service can’t transform human lives & remove related pain just like cold water can remove thirsty, don’t sell it.
8th Habit
If you’re still SPAMMING your business across online, no one will patronize you.
That’s the nonsense method people are using to campaign now.
Serious Sellers used to spend 70% of their investment capital in adverts, which is the most important aspect.
Visit our audio room to learn more about selling or make used of plenty info across this Website rooms.
When it comes to selling, positioning matters.
9th Habit
Philanthropist Seller
There was a time Legend Entrepreneur, Otunba Oloye Akin Alabi was distributing free money to his business Followers in his blog.
In my last birthday, I distributed 100K values for FREE.
People will like you & patronize you if they know that you so much cater for humanity.
This is one of the best Strategies to have many Clients.
10th Habit
They Obeyed KLT Rules
K = Know
L = Like 
T = Trust
“If you make Customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make Customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”
– Jeff Bezos
Be consistent with Followers daily with business update for them to know you better.
Give out tangible values FREE for them to like you.
Use real “SOCIAL PROOFs”(Clients’ testimonies) a lot for them to trust you.
Unless you obey KLT Rules, you won’t Sell.
11th Habit
They Hustle Pass Others.
Entrepreneurship is brutal!
You must act like Giant Entrepreneur as a Seller, if you wana SELL LIKE CRAZY.
Nairabet Nigeria Founder, Akin Alabi said sometimes, he used to wake up by 1am in the midnight, executing the necessary tasks across Nairabet Platform & at times slept back around 4/5am, despite his multi-billionaire standard.
I hardly sleep for 4 hours throughout 24 hours daily, creating unlimited solutions for World Internet Billionaires International Platform.
No excuse in Entrepreneurship or real business.
If you wanted to sell in high figure?
You must hustle passed everyone.
12th Habit
Selling Systems
Selling Systems are the most important one.
That’s what the most selling Companies are using till tomorrow.
Time-to-time, they admit one or more Selling Experts to create selling systems on budget.
Selling Expert usually creates reliable Systems from his/her selling experience based on niche involved & test for sometimes.
Truth: Nobody knows the Systems actual angle that will be working perfectly to achieve the target goal.
Expert usually tests & through his huge experience, figured out the winning systems.
Consult any reliable Ad Agency to achieve reliable selling Systems fully fitted for your business type.
Hope you have been blessed in this special episode with the title “How To Sell Anything like CRAZY?”
Now that you have become the best Seller.
Go and sell anything.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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