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How to create your first digital product and make at least $5,000 on launch.
1. Pick any topic;
• Mindset
• Nutrition
• Health
• Fitness
• Productivity
• Supplements
• Personal finance
• Cryptocurrencies
• Investing
• E-commerce
• Coding
• Dating
• History
• Relationships
• Seduction
• Politics
• Social skills
2. Start a twitter account 
Follow 10;
• Big accounts
• Small accounts 
• Medium accounts
Look at what’s doing great and model.
3. Write a benefit-driven bio
People follow you because of what they’re gaining. 
Tell them what you’ve accomplished and what you can help them accomplish.
4. Engage
For the first 30-100 days
Go beast on interacting with the accounts you followed.
Avoid engaging with accounts that ignore your comments. (It’s a waste of time)
5. Lead your audience to a telegram channel or a discord server 
This helps you build a deeper relationship with your audience. 
Share more about your experience.
6. Create and lead your audience to a mailing list 
Now deliver more of what you’re teaching on twitter. 
Grow your list to at least 1k subscribers and deliver daily. 
(Use convertkit)
7. Document what you’ve been writing on your topic
By 100 to 180 days your audience is craving for more if you’ve been sharing 
• Use ms word for documents
• Loom for document + video
• Gumroad for sales 
• Carrd for your landing page
8. Use your email list, telegram channel or discord server 
Use at least 10-15 accounts you’ve built connections with. 
Make them affiliates before launch date.
9. Tell your audience about your product days before launch 
Keep pumping your product on;
• Twitter 
• Telegram/discord
• Email list 
Educate them on how your product is of help to them.
10. Test your product 
Choose 9-15 accounts and give your product for free,
Get their testimonials
Now your product works.
11. Price and Launch 
Don’t price your product too cheap or expensive to scare away prospects,
Price it at $80+
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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