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How To Close The Most Terrible Low Tickets Clients
Too many complains across the internet daily from different Sellers selling low tickets.
Which ticket size is the easiest one to sell?
Low, medium or high ticket?
Low ticket is 20k below in Nigeria. Not even up to that in some buyers due to historical recession going on as I am writing this. May be better before you read it. Maybe. Depends on who you’re selling to. $50 below is low ticket in some Countries. Etc.
How can you close any low ticket buyer without much headache?
Let me share you my real life experience today.
Last $
90% of low ticket’s buyers used their last money to purchase from you, always deliver whatever you’ve promised them not to make them sad, which may bounce back on you.
See ponzi mindset?
“Like how much I will be earning daily”
A particular low ticket buyer asked me the above question in the past. As if it’s a Ponzi scheme. Just know that most of them are Ponzi Players. Renew their mindsets by being clear to them whenever you’re selling, not to stress yourself.
Zero Internet Knowledge
“Is it possible to do it if I don’t have browsing phone?”
Somebody asked me the above question through call in the past, after my radio ad.
How on Earth can you do online business without browsing phone or laptop?
I wonder!
I replied her immediately.
Approach low ticket Clients like talking to someone that has no idea about the internet to limit your headache and close more.
Approach low tickets’ Clients like you’re a helper. You’re helping them rise from bottom. They will fall in love with you and refer many Clients to you along. 
They’re real part of your purpose in online business. Think of it. As I am writing this, I’ve a WhatsApp room that I used to charge each member just 5,000 Nigeria naira for my browsing data yearly. Is that money? Despite my big entrepreneurship level? Despite having Billionaire Clients! I used to answer all their online business questions one hour weekly. Worth 200k Naira ticket yearly. But we rise by lifting others.
Who you help rise from rag to GLORY will never forget you.
Avoid Fake Promise
Thank God you used to see Users blackmailing the Nigeria networks across the social media!
Don’t fake low ticket’s buyer, he/she will blackmail your name. His transaction with you is his last cent(Kobo).
Students Caliber
This young lady from Abuja Nigeria paid 5k naira for my Crypto room signal monthly subscription when it was monthly & so cheap in 2021.
She came back after 7 days & be requesting refund. Something never happened in my business. Rare! I asked her what we’ve done so far inside the room & She stucked for a word. I didn’t pay her back. How can you be asking refund when you’re too lazy? Thank God I didn’t promise refund.
Most of low tickets’ buyers are Students looking for who to manipulate. Most of them are too lazy to follow up your simple guides. Set rules to prevent your business. You will be closing them very easily.
Moneyback Guarantee
Avoid Moneyback guarantee entirely not to shoot yourself in your leg. Moneyback guarantee is exactly what they’re always searching for. They will buy your solution & you will close more, as long as your package is good. It’s low ticket. Just solve one tiny problem in your product. No need to be amazing.
Landing Page
I used to sell low ticket straight in radio ad, Facebook ad or landing page. I believed, you’ve already made payment before you reached me. 
You don’t have money for landing page? Create free landing page in either, Google free landing page, carrd or They’re plenty. No any excuse. Sell that way to avoid headache and you will close thousands of sales.
Low tickets’ buyers are good to build list of reliable buyers while selling. You will be selling new packages to them for life, without spending more on ads to get them in. See how easy it’s to close thousands.
It’s easy to close low ticket buyer by using profit proof video in your campaigns. They too like money. I always use it to tap their emotions & they usually rushed in & place huge orders.
Most of them have Ponzi mindsets, don’t forget. Always tap in emotionally to close plenty orders.
Zero Targeting
Target everyone whenever running low ticket’s ad. It works. Masses usually appeal to low tickets since the risks involved are very low.
The Winning System
Facebook/Radio ad —–> Sales Page —–> WhatsApp
Above is my SECRET system that I used to sell low tickets.
I drive traffic from radio or Facebook ad to my low ticket’s landing page already having product details & payment function. They landed in my WhatsApp DM after payment. I added them to my WhatsApp group and FULFILED whatever I’ve promised. The major mission here is to build list of buyers.
Sometimes, from radio to WhatsApp DM to landing page back to WhatsApp DM.
I also sell straight in Facebook ads & direct buyers to my WhatsApp DM.
I’ve sold a lot through any of the above systems and they work.
So, don’t complicate them please.
Closing low tickets’ buyers is as simple as:)
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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