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How To Change Your Story Outside Your Comfort Zone
An Entrepreneurship Seminar was organized in Yaba, Lagos Nigeria in 2010 by Success Digest Newspaper Founder(Nigeria Newspaper).
Success Digest Founder, Late Legend Emmanuel Ojeagbase was the Father of most of top Entrepreneurs(including Akin Alabi, Nairabet Founder) in Nigeria.
Everyone including me benefited from his wealth of Entrepreneurship experience/knowledge directly or indirectly.
Toyin Omotoso, Expertnaire Founder was desperate to succeed and he travelled for good 9 hours painfully in Nigeria terrible roads all the way from Abuja to Lagos.
He sacrificed 18,000 Nigeria Naira(about $120 USD then) to launch in ordinary hotel for good 3 days, according to Toyin Omotoso, all about to escape poverty.
The entire journey was so CRAZY but what a Man would do when you’re desperate for SUCCESS.
It wasn’t easy for Toyin Omotoso at all, but hear this.
In the same Seminar, he came across Ronald Nzimora, the Nigerian Legend Entrepreneur and Otunba Oloye Akin Alabi, The Giant of African when it comes to Entrepreneurship or online business generally.
Akin Alabi broke the entire African record in Entrepreneurship Seminar which is entirely another lesson in this Website.
Ronald Nzimora dominated “Success Digest Newspaper” later run through his so powerful Copy SECRETS, after Akin Alabi dominated everything for years.
Toyin Omotoso came across both of them in this Seminar, mingled with them and they became friends.
That’s it when you’re so determined in life and you know how to connect the right people(goal related Messengers) very fast.
Later on, Toyin Omotoso and Ronald Nzimora went heavily upon MARKETING INDUSTRY & launched DIGITAL NEXUS INTERACTIVE. A pure Marketing Company changed the way the largest Companies were marketing locally then and dominated Marketing Industry in Nigerian those period.
All the biggest Companies I know including Nairabet Nigerian were running their Marketing System under Company launched through the Partnership between Toyin Omotoso and Ronald Nzimora.
Billions of Naira transactions were flowing within. We can’t count the number of accepted business deals happened between Toyin Omotoso, Ronald Nzimora and Akin Alabi then.
And, till tomorrow, they engaged in ethical business deals and be making billions together.
Toyin Omotoso Affiliate Marketing Platform, Expertnaire, still receiving the other Partners support till tomorrow, that’s why you used to see them committed their most expensive resources(time) appearing live in Expertnaire Events.
The Main Lesson
If toyin Omotoso didn’t sacrifice painful 9 hours inside the Rastafarian Bus dancing slowly for good 9 hours in Nigeria terrible roads, and committed another 18K for the hotel, other expenses and tap into other Guys very quickly in the live Seminar(according to him), he would miss that GLORY for life. And, he would be complaining about Nigeria economy today, just like MASSES do daily. 
Now, How Can You Change Your Story Outside Your Comfort Zone?
COMFORT ZONE is always SHINNING like a REAL GOLD but it’s a DEAD ZONE. Leave your Comfort zone today and make your BREAKTHROUGH CONNECTIONS. You will be PROSPER and have your own Story published here so soon. 
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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