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How Nwannake Caleb Made 100Million In 6 Months in Affiliate Marketing and How You Can Achieve The Same.
Caleb was the most noisy Guy in Expertnaire Affiliate room year before then and his common complain was that
“his Followers were not buying from him.”
A real life complains shared several times by Caleb himself. As you know that after being successful in life, you will look back at your past and laugh tired.
That was Caleb experience as Baby Affiliate Marketer then.
Why Caleb Followers were not buying “Digital Marketing Course” called 72IG through his Affiliate link?
You will know that soon….keep learning.
Let’s walk you through the entire journeys (CALEB ROAD TO SUCCESS).
His early situation.
Caleb audience(Followers) size them was around 400 & he was eager to sell very fast as a Newbie Affiliate Marketer wanted to make money in Affiliate Marketing very fast.
But sales remain static.
Breakthrough Stage(traffic).
Caleb later researched why & knew the REALITIES that selling equals numbers.
He then started building audience through Social Networks’ Influencers.
Caleb Community(Followers) known as “WhatsApp Status Daily Viewers” started growing gradually by gradually & things began to change shape.
His audience numbers keep growing and his daily status viewers increasing rapidly.
After some days, Caleb realized the 1st 5Million Nigeria Naira and now decided to use advance method, which is driving traffic through Facebook Ad.
According to him, 95% of his success came from Facebook Ad.
What do I mean by that?
He drives traffic(real human being like you) from Facebook Ad to his simple landing page created to welcome the new audience.
In his landing page, you read better(little) about him, his idea solution(offer) and you click the simple link that will lead you into his WhatsApp DM.
You received automatic interaction through automation like chatting with the real human.
The whole System there will instruct you to store his number and yours will also be stored automatically and persuade you to take ACTION immediately/ahead(buy into his offer now, check his status ahead daily, etc.).
And, whether you buy or not, this will allow you to access his status daily, based on “GIGANTIC PROMISE”.
Nurturing Stage
Is it possible to toast a decent Girl today, luckily get yes and ask for Sex immediately?
You’ve already know the right answer. It’s even condemned totally before marriage, which shouldn’t be discussed here, you might be atheist.
You’ve to solve believability before you can ask for that. Prove that you’re nice for days and your real life values can help your new Sweat heart.
Same with nurturing new audience. Caleb used to post 3-5 times minimum in his WhatsApp Status daily, discussing about 
how 72IG Course could help his Followers SELL LIKE CRAZY & what he has achieved selling this Course as Affiliate.
72IG Course by Expertnaire Founder, Toyin Omotoso, already popular across the networks, and his daily campaigns push plus Caleb efforts was just like THUNDER + FIRE.
Caleb keeps driving quality traffic, generate audience, nurture them daily without relent for Months and his audience grow to 100K minimum, based on research.
You know what may likely be the daily WhatsApp Status viewers when you have up to 100K in your life. At least, you must achieve 3-5k daily viewers.
If you can convert just 0.5% of 3k daily, that’s
65K(Course price) X 15(0.5% of daily 3k viewers).
That’s over 1Million Nigeria Naira daily.
So, don’t be confused/surprised if Caleb made 7Million in one Week.
Calculation can never LIE. It’s 100% AUTHENTIC!
This is another important stage in his journey. Closing is another most important factor in business.
Without good closing, you can’t have reliable result.
It can destroy your years of efforts very fast, if opportunity knocks and you lacked closing skill.
Some audience has less than a minute to interract with you and if you don’t have genuine reason to buy your solution. 
Caleb Nwannake wasn’t really a total Newbie selling online, he had an idea from selling editing stuff before for years. “According to him.
He keeps nurturing them with his 72IG Course idea solutions daily and be added other CRAZY values for the Viewers till they EXPLODED in interests & have UNLIMITED REASONS to buy 72IG through Caleb.
Clients would contact him in WhatsApp daily, ask for his 72IG Affiliate link and bought through his A.F link daily.
Sales increase day in day out.
You just have to build audience once and you will be dancing in millions for life.
Final Awareness About Caleb.
– 72IG Course Owner underwent about a Week promo in 2022 & sold 72IG for 40K, instead of initial 60k price(65k as I am writing now). And, Caleb sold like CRAZY, realised about 12Million in just One Week, through his long term nurturing audience. He came out again as the best Expertnaire Affiliate.
– He used to render like 24 hours cash back give away to new buyers once in a while and he end up realizing millions.
– There was $5000 giveaway Affiliate Competition(a Affiliate), another 2 different Cars type different competitions to like 100 Sales in a Month Affiliates, a House in Lekki Lagos Nigeria competition, etc. Caleb Nwannake won everything and he was the best among Winners.
– There was different International Travelling  Competitions to Seychelles, Egypt, Dubai, etc. Caleb Nwannake won everything and visited aforementioned Countries among other Winners. He has won Qatar 2022 World Cup again as at now and Caleb is going to watch World Cup live in November 2022 in Qatar Country.
– He has never left his buyers behind. He used to share them his winning secrets practically Weekly!
– He even went extra length and released his own Course recently through his success.
Moral Lesson
Never escape learning from the beginning. No matter how your goal, sacrifice whatever the amount to get trained. Listen up! You can even learn from any Mentor, figure out more, detect CRAZY strategies and succeed pass your Mentor.
Audience building is the most important thing in any business. Not limited to Affiliate Marketing Business alone.
Never enjoy any comfort zone when started making money. Had Caleb relax with his 1st 5Million realized through Influencers early, he won’t reach over 100Million in 6 Months level.
Your WhatsApp application is MONEYMAKING WEAPON. Use it for your real life business.
Enduring for sometimes when building your tomorrow. Caleb endure and he’s enjoying travelling across the Countries now.
Learn the Art of NURTURING and CLOSING, they will make you succeed or destroy your years of efforts, if not learning.
Caleb is making millions Weekly till tomorrow selling on the internet to Nigerians. A Country till date(October, 2022) suffering from terrible inflation, economy downturns and terrorists. You can sell anything whether 72IG, other Affiliate Marketing Programmes and Physical Products, etc. using the entire jouneys of Caleb(TANGIBLE SUCCESS SECRETS, SYSTEM) uncovered here.
If Caleb Nwannake can do it through the same browsing Phone in your hand, you can do it. The PROBLEM is that “YOU DON’T REALLY LIKE TAKING ACTIONS AND FIGURE OUR LIKE A COMMANDO”.
Rise up and START NOW NOW, believe in the same simple process we have UNCOVERED for you throughout NWANNAKE CALEB PROSPERITY BOOK and keep firing on daily. You will win big and we will soon write about your own SUCCESS STORY soon.
Now, we have handed over to you the easiest way to be highly successful online. A $Billion SECRET. Go and get rich now…
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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