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How I Sold $100 Million of High Ticket Offers.
One question that changed my life: “What if I ADD A ZERO to my offer?
Business is a game of margins, not volume.
If you are the BEST, no one expects you to be the cheapest. If you’re the cheapest, no one would believe you’re the BEST.
To charge more, restrict supply and drive up demand.
People don’t want something until they know they can’t have it or other people want it as well.
Needy is creepy. NEVER appear to be desperate or needy.
If you call someone, you’re the salesperson. When they call you, you’re the expert.
It doesn’t take more effort to sell something at 10X the price, in some cases, it takes less effort.
All price resistance is in the mind of the SELLER, not the BUYER.
Don’t charge by the hour. Charge by the year.
The less people have to do to get the results they want, the more they’re willing to pay.
You don’t talk to anybody until they know you’re somebody. Pre-suasion is way more important than persuasion.
Sell cure, not prevention. Sell futures; not features. Sell transformation, not information.
People don’t buy maybes, they want certainties. Figure out how you can sell certainty in an uncertain world.
We’ve been conditioned since childhood: “Don’t talk to strangers.” In sales, the amount of money you’ll make is in direct proportion to how many STRANGERS you talk to EVERY DAY.
CLOSING is ALL about POWER. Traditionally and logically, it’s the prospect who has the power. For closing to be easy and price to be irrelevant, the CLOSER must take ALL the POWER away from the BUYER.
The less you talk; the more you close.
When you say something, it means one thing. When your prospect says something it means everything.
No pain, no sale. The closing call should NOT be a pleasant experience for your prospect!
Buyers are liars. The problem the prospect brings you is NEVER the real problem.
People don’t buy their way into something. They buy their way out of something.
The harder you qualify, the easier the close.
You don’t get objections, you trigger objections(by what you say and how you say it).
Don’t ask for the sale. Instead, let the prospects ask you how they can buy.
A role play a day keeps poverty away. Your sales team MUST role play EVERY DAY.
High Ticket Closing is all about asking the RIGHT questions at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT Tonality!
To sell High-Ticket, it’s NOT about changing WHAT you sell, it’s about changing WHO you sell to and HOW you sell it.
NEVER apologize for making a profit. PROFIT is the applause that your clients give you. When they give you money, they’re saying, “Great job! Thank you so much!” If they give you a lot of money, it’s a standing ovation.
Rich people do what’s hard, that’s why their life is easy. Poor people do what’s easy, that’s why their life is hard.
Making large sums of money FAST is not bad, evil, shady, or dishonest. The art of making money is a noble art.
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