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How I Generated $10Million SALES For Cryptocurrency Project Within a Week In 2017.
This new Cryptocurrency Project tracked my Cryptocurrency Expertise for good 3 Months and one day, they seek for my Cryptocurrency contribution deal, same Month they launched new Crypto Project through ICO(Initial Coin Offering) in Cryptocurrency Industry.
ICO is a step of raising money privately by any Company/Project in Cryptocurrency Industry, just like IPO(Initial Public Offering) in Stock Exchange Markets.
Our deal agreement was to support them succeed in their Project through 2 hours minimum commitment daily for 2 Month(50 days in agreement).
I reviewed everything for them and the whole journey started after 50% of deposit from about 2M Nigeria Naira deal.
Their Project mission was to monitize Social Networks Industry which seems huge to me, that’s why I support them.
Hint: I don’t support useless Projects, no matter how the payment involved.
Everyday, I look into their Project and alert them the weaking sides. I did everything to succeed them.
It was a pure remote job I run everything from my Mobile. A deal solely needs my huge internet experience to succeed. 
To cut the long story short.
Ad Expert & Crypto Influencers in charge their promotion were doing well, because, their Crypto Telegram Community was growing massively but there was a problem.
Cryptocurrency Investors from all over the World now flooded their almost 10k members Telegram Community, but they didn’t invest.
Hear again. They were all active inside the public room but they did not invest and keep watching daily.
It was seriously frustrating this Company and left their entire Team, including the CEO in terrible frustrations!
And, I wasn’t their Marketer. I was not even a real marketing Expert then, but I had big experience about the internet.
You know? Experience is the King!
Now, I sit down in my private Office and came out with the tangible solution.
Selling is just like dating.
Arriving in dating conclusion(saying YES) for some Girls is immediately. Some take time!
Depends on level of experience, advisers and believe.
Beautiful Girl may said no when proposed her maybe:
1_ She has boyfriend.
2_ Her heart was poison by wicked Guy.
3_ She’s about to marry.
4_ She’s praying for divine Guy, not you that just appear without real definition yet.
5_ She likes tall Guys and you’re short. I have seen a Girl likes short Guys and hates tall ones. Life is never balance.
6_ She decided to stay off Guys for a while due to bad experience.
7_ She don’t believe in instant yes.
Same applies to selling!
Marketing = Dating
So, to continue the $10Million real life story came alive in 2017.
Now, I sat down in my private Office and came out with the tangible solution.
Now, I medicated for several hours and uncovered 7 crazy objections I believed were the major reasons why they did not invest and I produced 7 tangible Solutions.
I gave their global Community 7 TANGIBLE REASONS to invest in their Project.
1_ They registered with Nigerian CAC(Cooperate Affairs Commission). Organization in charge Companies registrations in Nigeria and I published their registration screenshot from government’s Website backed with active Website address for anyone to verify globally immediately.
2_ Short well credible Story about the Project’s CEO.
3_ I pinpointed more credibility.
And, you know what?
Sales went through the roof.
The largest members of the Community endorsed my proves immediately. Especially the foreign Investors.
Companies CEO, COO, other Team members started praising me, be pleading me to be their Project’s Copywriter also.
They awarded me bonuses and increases without asking.
They realized over $10Million raised capital in that Week alone, through my solution that arrested the hearts of their thinking Investors.
Getting result is the greatest proof!
Yes! No one can fight and win the RESULT.
Moral lesson:
Always invest in yourself LIKE CRAZY! Its rewards are UNLIMITED with time.
Now, you’ve accessed my tangible winning secrets. Apply it ahead in your life and you will be 10X your life minimum yearly.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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