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How Binance Scale From $0 To Multi-Billion Dollars Industry And Remain The Best Crypto Exchange In The Entire World Till Date.
(1) CZ: Values are not something you say, it’s something you do.
(2) After Binance raised $15M USD in July 14, 2017, they banned Exchanges in China come September 4th, 2017(less than 2 Months) & mandated all Exchanges to return the amount raised in ICO. Binance Token(BNB) was up 6X(600% growth) already. No one demanded return! Only CRAZY User could do that.
(3) 4 external ICOs(Initial Coin Offerings) that Binance support in raising funds through their platform already lost some percentage. Binance organized emergency meeting & bear $6M USD suffered by the entire Users of these 4 Projects & other Exchanges, Users flooded binance immediately. Binance did that period they were just 2 Months, spending like crazy in building & acquiring new Talents, others. The return/pain bear was more than 40% of their reserve funds but bear that pain to protect their Users. Values were(are still) CRAZY.
(4) Binance detected that hodling NEO was generating free GAS(another money) & returned generated GAS to the NEO hodlers hodling NEO in Binance Exchange willingly. No exchange ever did that then. NEO Users in other Platforms transferred their NEO to Binance & flooded Binance Exchange immediately.
(5) No exchange rendering Crypto folk rewards & airdrops through Cex. Exchanges. You’ve to move your Coin to qualify Wallet & return back after folk. Binance broke that verdict, even to novice Users. This retained users so well that other exchanges copied Binance shortly afterwards, making the industry more consumer protection oriented.
(6) Binance till tomorrow assisting Binance & Non Binance Users recover wrong transfer Crypto, something costs real money & time, but doing that to protect general Crypto Users & this attracted a lot of Users to Binance.
(7) Binance bear USERS’ losses during beyond imagination experience & no exchange ever done that. You lose your money, you lost it for life.
(8) Old Exchanges were rendering poor Customer Caring. Like even 2 months to reply Users, binance changed the Customer Caring game to 24 hours maximum & they all follow by force not to experience total nock out of Crypto Industry. Binance helped to improve the service standards in the crypto industry.
(9) Binance was the 1st Exchange that created Clients’ chat & respond within minute using 12 languages, instead of others that focus on english language solely.
(10) Binance helps Users with non binance related issues, what has never happened in Crypto Industry even till date(2022).
(11) Binance helps Users recover hacked Cryptos, especially in DeFi. Issues cost real energy & time & Industry Crowd still titled this scam with Binance Exchange name in attachment, something not related to Binance at all. We are still suffering this to protect Global Crypto Community.
(12) When users get SIM swap hacked, Binance’s team was able to help users safeguard their crypto in many instances.
(13) People discouraged binance when we decided to venture into Exchange aspect, condemned Exchange as saturated niche. We dwelled into Exchange based on mission, filled gap & dominated everything. “Just believe in yourself. There are unlimited rooms to fill across the Industries and succeed globally” _ – Jeremiah
(14) All Exchanges were terrible then! You would find it difficult to locate trade execution.  Binance designed one page click & trade, and we dominated trading. They all copied Binance after run which we thought we brought peace into global traders’ UI(User Interface) experience.
(15) Speed: We created the fastest API that allowed “CLICK & TRADE EXPERIENCE”. Never happened in Crypto Industry.
(16) Most Exchanges listed only Bitcoin in 2017 & not even include Ethereum. Binance filled the gap.
(17) Fees: Trading fees were CRAZY in 2017. Binance lowered fees to 10x low & massive Users jumped into BINANCE EXCHANGE.
(18) International: There were two large exchanges supporting a decent number of coins in 2017, Poloniex and Bittrex. Both were ranked high in trading volume when we started in 2017. When Binance looked at the two exchanges, they were highly catered towards US users. They only offered an English interface, no other languages were supported. Both companies were based in the US. Binance wanted to serve the rest of the world. Binance supported nine languages within the first month and expanded to 31 languages today(2022). Binance Customer Support supports 12 languages today, far more than any other platform.
CZ: Binance Founder
In summary, there is no secret sauce to building a successful exchange(business). You have to abide by your values, build a good product and service your users. To that end, I want to thank all of the Binance team, including Binance Angels for their hard work, dedication, and contributions they have made. Lastly, we are by no means perfect. We try very hard to abide by our values and are constantly improving our products and services. We thank you all for your unwavering support and your company in our journey towards a world with better money.
O . S Jeremiah
When Brazilian Ronaldo was really performing in Soccer, very rare to believe that new Legends would emerge & dominated the Soccer Industry. Same applied to Ronaldino of Brazil. Today(2022),  Lionel Messi of Argentina & Ronaldo of Portugal both dominated Soccer Industry for past decade now. Arise and SHINE, you are the next global GIANT.
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