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Some years back, I quickly visited Kwara State Nigeria & had meeting with the Bank’s Regional Manager for a Forex Trading Contract Deal. 
Everything went smoothly and, on my way back to my City(Ogbomoso in Oyo State) through the Commercial Car, something great attached to the journey.
I sat in the front with one beautiful light in complexion young lady, including the driver in the front making 3.
I so much believed in real life connection 1st and whenever I find myself beside a Stranger, as a Free Man, I interract very easily when necessary.
70% of people in the society don’t do that. They believed in class themselves in a strange environment.
Back to my real life experience. I greeted the beautiful young lady & She replied my initial introduction hack smoothly.
After little introduction, I was now confirmed that She’s a Student of Kwara State Nigeria University, She’s a Muslim based on Hijab fitted physically & I confirmed, She’s an Ogbomoso Indigene too. She later understands little about me also through my open minded.
Unhappy driver Shan his eyes on me & I also hit back. The driver thought I’m the usual toaster. Nonsense! Is toasting bring money? Messing around anyhow with young ladies just usually devalue Guys.
My believe is that anyone can become anything with time. So, I used to connect when necessary, especially, the Woman & you will know my tangible WHY from this real life non-fiction experience.
We communicated briefly & She alerted before me on arrival back to our City, through the Commercial Car. Our contacts already exchanged hands.
The largest percentage of Men connected the beautiful ladies for the sex reasons, but hear my advice.
Which lady send you if you don’t have money? Focus on your life at 90% & when prosper, whatever you want will fall apart. Don’t celebrate in fake dating/marriage pls. Nigeria is a different environment indeed.
Where exactly are we going?
We both departed that day but something great happened early morning the following day!
Now, read the rest gently!
Read the remaining ones & learn something big to understand the real “GOLD HIDING IN THE WOMAN”.
Around 7am Nigeria Time the following day when I had not even wake up, her phone number I stored on her name in the previous day rang on my Phone.
Good day Mr. Jeremiah, “She addressed me in loudest greeting. Although, I was wondering because most of decent Nigerian Ladies don’t  easily jump into a Man anyhow, but I welcomed her immediately.
“Mr. Jerry, you said you’re a Programmer”?
I replied yes!
Fine, my Daddy wanted to design International Website for his “International Supply Business” & we need your attention now, “She requested instant meeting.
Without mincing words, I visited them immediately!
Like play like play.
I introduced to them different World Class Standard Websites.
Like play like play.
They finally choosed one & we sealed a big contract(Web design + leads generation) immediately.
 Like play like play.
They deposited 70% as Contract deposit after they verified my Office authenticity through Phone in less than one minute.
I delivered the Project shortly & her Father, others who examined the Web Project effectiveness fell in love with my job.
I got the balance immediately.
Had I Class myself the 1st time I met her, I would miss this contract.
Had I send the local commercial driver also, I would miss this contract.
Had I not encourage an ambitious young beautiful University Student that don’t normally give out her Phone number, I would miss the entire opportunity.
Had I toast this young lady the way greedy guys usually do, She won’t take me serious & I would miss this contract senselessly.
Always remember the saying “your network is your networth”.
The most successful Companies in Nigeria like MTN, GLO, Airtel, (NSP – Network Service Providers) etc. usually front smart young ladies in their Customer caring.
Who are the top Celebrities using for Companies diverse adverts?
Attractive Ladies.
Who mostly leads the Customer Caring, Sales & Marketing, physical Clients’ interractions mode across the global Banks?
 Attractive Young Ladies.
Instead of taking human for granted, always connect them wisely & tap into the real “GOLD HIDING IN THEM” to achieve massive prosperity in life.
Good luck 🙏
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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