Why won't people rushing the Cryptocurrency Industry if possible for Refinable(Fine), an NFT Project rose 300times in less than one hour immediately listed in PancakeSwap Exchange in 2021 and produced plenty overnight Millionaires/Billionaires globally.

Cryptocurrency Trading Professional Course

"Access the biggest Cryptocurrency trading and investing strategies and be making millions yearly like Teeka Tiwari of U.S.A, CZ of Binance, Boxmining of China and Suppoman of U.K", etc. that dominated the Cryptocurrency Industry.

Welcome to this glorious Website,

O.S Jeremiah is my name, they used to call me “Cryptocurrency Specialist” due to my record breaking impacts rescuing my historical Followers out of poverty and I am fully interested to do the same for you.

See live proof below the period my JOYFUL Crypto Student changed my name to

Cryptocurrency Specialist

Highly Surprised Client forced me back to YouTube, said the entire World need to hear my voice.

It is the biggest mistake not participating in Industry ordinary Kid of 19 turned useless $10 into millions of dollars in 2021 and if you don’t believe, see live evidence in below Video now uncovered just 3 ways you can kill POVERTY in Crypto, I mean.

Live Evidence

“That is why I used to spend millions yearly improving my knowledge in Crypto Industry”

It will always pay back hugely no matter how the expenses you have encountered, if truly spend it with World Class Cryptocurrency Specialist having real life insights about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Industry, the most trending Industry on the internet now.

This Website will cost you just 5-10 minutes maximum to read everything to the end and you will know the easiest way to make millions in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Industry, the most trending business on the internet now.

So, just 5 minutes to read up tangible moneymaking secrets uncovered in this Website, is the most fruitful 5 minutes you are going to ever spend in your entire life history.

If possible for my thousands’ historical Mentees became Millionaires in 2021 alone, through my Crypto knowledge, you too can achieve the same.

My Overnight Millionaire Mentee!

He got trained in January 2021 & as a Student of University, he had only $20 remained with him after committed $300 training fees, the worst charges I used to offer & I have up to $10K training.

What really pushed me is that why would a Kid committed $300 for just 30 minutes training & left with just $20 remain in his whole general account.

He seek the $20 investment advice from me & I was moved.

I directed him to put $10 in Binance Exchange Coin & also put the rest $10 in Meme Coin like Dogecoin or SHIBA INU(popularly identify as Shit Coins).

This Guy is a RISK TAKER, out of 2 options(Dogecoin & SHIBA INU), he proposed SHIBA INU by himself.

SHIBA INU just came out & if Successful, it would be more profitable than Dogecoin. If not, life goes on. The most important thing to me is that I have acquired the best moneymaking knowledge in the most trending Industry on the Internet now, “he keeps saying & I was shocked!

What a respected confidential young Guy!

We accumulated both Cryptos($10 in Binance BNB, $10 in SHIBA INU SHIB). Remember again that everything was January, 2021.

The later result was shocked!

Life is either live or leave/ordinary.

Student is either pass or fail.

Game is either win or lose.

But this Guy, through crazy decision, defeated my entire Students in more than a decade history.

Binance rose all the way from $40 below to $690 & he cash out at $600 price, that is 15X(15times ROI). ROI means return on investment.

Shib was 0.000000000001 during his stupid investment decision in January 2021, same SHIBA INU went as high as 0.00008854 in just 10 Months & he cash out 70% of his position(based on my advice) big at 0.00005.


Listen up!

Take Calculator by yourself & devide 0.00005 by 0.000000000001 by yourself and emerging the crazy return.

Use just a dollar investment please🙏

I fear using my Calculator.

It may blow up with this big result yielded millions upon millions!

Click https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/shiba-inu/ to confirm the above proof by yourself in CMC(Coinmarketcap).
You can also confirm live in the Video published at the Website beginning.
That is how ordinary Kid became a multimillionaire & no matter how expensive your Country is, this Guy will live there successfully.
There is always new SHIBA INU in Crypto Industry.
Try to follow the Cryptocurrency Learning Protocol, done!

Now, how can you get trained and access

👉 the next Bitcoin that as at now(October ending, 2021) done 67,000 times in just one decade?
👉 the next Ethereum that has done 6000+ times in just 6 years?
👉 The next Binance that rose 6900 times in just 4 years

👉The next SHIBA INU that has done millions upon millions times in 2021, produced many overnight Millionaires / Billionaires globally and still rising till now(October ending, 2021).

These are the record breaking breakthroughs that Cryptocurrency Industry can do for you tomorrow/next .

How can you access the next Boss Projects, change your history and dominate the World?

Before I shed light on that, let us talk brief about the Cryptocurrency Industry.

What Do Cryptocurrency mean exactly?

An invisible decentralized Currency for humanity total freedom.

Why Cryptocurrency?

A Child best to call “Angel of the World” was born in U.S.A, his name was Satoshi Nakamoto, his purpose on Earth was never to show up like everyone(me, you, others) but to create global record breaking solutions in form of humanity digital freedom Currency that will solve every problem/pain ever existing in this generation.

Why almost everyone across the Nations of the Earth are participating in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the Number One Industry that produced the highest Millionaires/Billionaires in the last decade.

👉 Unless you are luck, you may spend 5-10 years in Stock before you can make 100% of return on investment.
👉Forex is never your best friend.
👉 E-commerce is great but it will take time to make you a Millionaire if done right.
👉No Programming Industry, no internet, but the most expensive Websites didn’t reach their levels overnights. It took time and skillful Projects’ team.
👉You need unlimited trial & errors(years) to be successful as a Copywriter.
👉It took Russell Brunson(UK) so many years to win the most expensive Speaker in the World.
👉Jeff Bezos encountered so many years in building amazon that made him become the World Richest for few years.

Not to mention Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gate and the present King, Elon Musk.

In Cryptocurrency,
I don’t promise “overnight success” to my past/recent Students, but you can easily start with even between $10-$100 and still become a Millionaire overnight, yes!

Big surprise happens in Crypto everyday.

For a Student to change my name from ordinary” Crypto Expert” into “Cryptocurrency Specialist”, big joy involved.

What Exactly Makes A Professional Crypto Trader/Investor?

– Learning from World Class Cryptocurrency Specialist from the beginning. Foundation is everything! Although, not easy to access one, it is big money involved. Thank God you have gained access to this Website.

– Determine the type of trader you wish to be. I see plenty people roaming about the same Circle in Crypto daily and they can’t even identify themselves in the Crypto Industry. You may decide to be a day trader and undergoing sound T.A(Technical Analysis) training. To be successful, you need sound Cryptocurrency Markets’ Charts basic training/understand.

– Pro Day Trader don’t trade heavy noises in the markets, but usually face unlimited volatilities in every 4 hours formation. They usually find their ways to win at 70% worst result.

– You created the 1st trading account, deposit large fund and not take care of security aspects, you will face fire/tragedy one day. A lot of disasters happened in history. There was a year Binance, the biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange was hacked through the API, Web Address, etc. Pro Traders know what must be done when creating new trading account, especially in Centralized Exchanges that won’t give you access to Mnemonic Words for recovery.

– Pro Investors “Do Their Own Research” when you direct them to invest big in any strange Project, they don’t jump in for massive profit.

– Real Crypto Expert don’t permit Influencers/Celebrities misleading them. 70% of all these wonderful Crypto Marketers used to hype based on big contracts involved, and they don’t know anything about the Cryptocurrency.

– World Class Cryptocurrency Specialist is known very well when the Crypto Markets are bloody/bearish, dipping & correcting big, like 2018-19 Markets’ brutality, like 3 months’ corrections happened betwee April to July, 2021, after Elon Musk declared live on Twitter that they need to protect power outage causing by Crypto Mining in U.S.A, thereby, his Company won’t be able to accept Crypto again. What do you expect in highly volatile markets still controlling by human emotion? Markets crashed immediately but pick up again in July same year.

If you permit me, I will give you thousands criteria to identify World Class Cryptocurrency Specialist like Teeka Tiwari, Wolf of Wall Street, Suppoman, etc.


How can Cryptocurrency change your story for you to be free financially for life?

Answer: 1.3Million People following Bitboy in YouTube alone, that wanted to learn about Crypto things are not wrong, they wanted to access their financial birthright and make millions/billions in Crypto. You can achieve anything in Crypto by starting your Crypto journey under the World Class Cryptocurrency Specialist. Thank God you have gained access to me, to access Cryptocurrency Industry through my top notch classical Cryptocurrency Knowledge/experience.

My success proves hanging in my historical testimonies from the past Students across the globe. Few of them published in this Website.

I was born to lift many, using the unlimited power of Internet, especially the Cryptocurrency.

“Everything is by his grace”

You just have to read the remaining advices below that won’t take more than 2 minutes anymore.

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If possible for most of my past Students to make 100X minimum this year, you too can achieve more.

When Newbies across the networks were shouting “Bitcoin is too expensive and I don’t have much”, one of my Students turned useless $10 into millions through my trading advice in January, 2021.

Hear again,

“It is never too late for anyone in Crypto”


What step exactly should you take now to become a Cryptocurrency Professional, start trading/investing and be making millions(even billions) yearly?

Congratulations 🤝

Cryptocurrency Trading Professional Course

“Access the biggest Cryptocurrency trading and investing strategies and make more than Teeka Tiwari of U.S.A, CZ of Binance, Boxmining of China and Suppoman of U.K that are making millions yearly”

Worth: $1000(500,000 Naira)

Benefits: What To Expect

(1) I will teach you how to trade across the Centralized Exchanges(E.g Binance, Gate.io).
(2) I will uncover 3 Cryptos to buy/hodl for year 2022 & make better(insane) return. These 3 are totally different from fucking fake plenty 100X shouting across the networks.
(3) Advance way of using Binance Exchange.
(4) How to make millions in Binance Exchange?
(5) How to protect yourself against plenty terrible Influencers/Celebrities hyping a lot of fake Projects because of big money/bribe.
(6) How to make big money in Coinmarketcap.
(7) How to become a Millionaire in Crypto with zero investment?
(8) How to borrow money in Cryptocurrency Industry to use for online/offline purposes?
(9) I will uncover the next SHIBA INU Crypto global Traders/Investors are investing in secret right now. Its price is still pretty good.
(10) I will help you set World Class Cryptocurrency Portfolio standard ever revealed by World Class Cryptocurrency Specialist like Teeka Tiwari.
(11) I will guide you on the best security protocol to protect your fund, so that you won’t suffer the same experience that made one Foreigner lost about $400K in less than one hour.
(12) I will turn you to a Cryptocurrency Professional, you will make more across the Crypto Industry and you will be free of poverty for life.
(13) I will show you 3 tangible criteria to examine in any Project before you invest a dim.
Other plenty things.

Course Format: Highly Mobile Responsive Practical Videos.
Worth: $1000(500,000 Naira)

Lifting Bonus 1
Course: Future Retirement Cryptos.
Price: $40(20,000 Naira).

Lifting Bonus 2
November free in our “Crypto Premium Room”.
A World Class Cryptocurrency Golden Room to access highly profitable trading opportunities time-to-time (several times every Week, depends on the markets’ general situations).
👉$20(10K) Monthly Room.

Lifting Bonus 3
Lifetime Advice: I will store your WhatsApp number and will be advising you forward till you earn your 1st million in Crypto. Very easy to achieve if I advise you forward.
👉Worth unlimited charges

Now, let us do the Math
Course Total Value: $1000(500K)
Bonuses Total Value: $999(500K)

Final Price:$1,999(crazy bonuses included)

No panick🤝
There is Covid & global recession at the present and this is affecting the entire World brutally.

Now, this is what I’m going to do for you, just to rescue early readers that will take actions very fast.

Pay just $40(20,000 Naira)

Only 50 Smart Readers maximum will be permitted to benefit this tangible Course(PRICE) attached with CRAZY FREE BONUSES and the next charges soon won’t less than $100(50K).

There is no single reason to wait for you/anyone if completed 50 Slots maximum available for the above CRAZY BONUS price.

Readers like you have started paying, and, as soon as completed, you won’t get that price again unless you pay $100(50K) which is the next price.

$40 is not more than Uber taxi charges to reach short range location.

It cannot even buy CORRECT SHOPPING!

Sign Up to get in now through the Paystack.

to chat with us in WhatsApp now and pay through USDT Wallet or local transfer as alternative.


If 2021 Students above are just 1% of plenty Crypto Students bombarding me almost everyday to prove their Crypto success to me across my DMs, I mean their millionsmaking joy through my Crypto empowerment knowledge to them, one way or the other, why can’t you also prefer to be among the next Celebrants.

“Action takers will always beat thinkers”

It is never too late for you at all.


(1) Who is O.S Jeremiah, Cryptocurrency Specialist proved to be lifting lives in Crypto Industry?
I’m from Oyo State Nigeria. 
(2) How can I trust you?
Not easy to trust Stranger if this is the 1st time you came across me. Today’s Crypto Giants like Suppoman, etc. all experienced the same in the past. But, everything I published in this Website is fresh content that can’t be find anywhere discussing Crypto online globally. You can easily judge me by the entire info putting together in this Website. My Twitter handle is @CeoJeremiah, learn big on my Twitter timeline later on.
(3) What can I benefit in this Course?
Scroll up to read just few benefits among plenty ones you are going to achieve in this powerful episode fully focus on turning you to a World Class Cryptocurrency Trader/Investor, that will be harvesting money out of the markets always.
(4) How can I make payment?
Pay instantly through the Paystack Sign Up link in this Website. You can also WhatsApp https://wa.me/message/TO42AYNFWUWYJ1 and pay through local transfer or Wallet now.
(5) Which one is Paystack Payment?
Payment is the best payment system in Africa Continent. It was acquired by Stripe in U.S.A back 2020.
(6) What is your Course Format?
Pure Practical Video Format. You will gain access to link immediately after payment.
(7) Do you offer after sales care?
Yes, taking care of you after run is so important to have you as future returning Customer. Your joy is my/our joy.
(8) Why people losing sometimes in Crypto?
They lose because of greedy. Yes, they approached Crypto Industry like Ponzi Scheme. Patient is the key most times, markets go no where. They also have no Mentor.
(9) I don’t have Computer, Is it possible to use my Phone achieve everything in this Course?
Yes, 100% customized for mobile. 99% of Crypto Traders/Investors globally are using Mobile now.
(10) I don’t have money to invest now, I only have money to buy this Course. Is it make sense?
“Empty your pocket today to fill your brain, your brain will later cause overflow in your pocket”_- Expert Advice
Do whatever you have power/privilege to do now, tomorrow may be so difficult.
(11) Can I know more about O . S Jeremiah, the owner of this Website?
Click t.me/CeoJeremiahBusinessNews to follow me in my Telegram Channel I used to publish about Crypto money daily.
(12) How can I become a Millionaire in Crypto very fast?
You can become anything in Crypto after learning big and exercise patient. It won’t happen overnight!

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Have you take the recordbreaking action in the above, so that you can move to the next level very fast?
“Action takers will always beat thinkers”
Thanks for taking your time reading financial freedom secrets so far🙏
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By O . S Jeremiah,
Cryptocurrency Specialist.
Internet Business Consultant.
WhatsApp: +2348137427016.

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