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Copywriting Secrets
If you enter the Stadium as a Player & just playing nonsense, instead of focusing on breaking through the strongest sides of opponent, you will end the Soccer game in havock & it won’t help your Team.
Same rules apply to the Copywriters.
You wish to become one of the greatest Copywriters in the World?
Now, get ready to learn the Copywriting basics without stories.
All the greatest Copywriters I know in the entire World used to address the buying psychology, that’s why they’re the real sought-after in the Sales and Marketing World.
Below are the secret barriers that maketh buying:
1_ 1st Attention
Some Copywriters identify this as EMOTIONAL. Unless you capture this through your business copy introduction, no one will buy from you.
Have you watched WRESTLING?
See how Commentators used to introduce Fighters & no one in the Venue and commit to the fire attention grabbing method.
Always insert this in your Copy HEADLINE and you will win.
No one will obey your selling request unless they read your campaign.
2_ Sentiment
As a human being, we’re wired to be selfish in nature, that’s why you see people searching through the entire Markets on the market’s day to get the cheapest price.
Some offline buyers take extra length by visiting many markets in a day to buy when they confirm the cheapest prices, even online buyers.
Why would buyers visit AliExpress, Alibaba & Amazon Websites before they purchase order they can buy in less than 5 minutes?
That’s human biases!
Always have better offer in your dealing contract and present them altogether as uncompetitive values to the buyers.
3_ Beliefs
Almost all my Community members used to consult me whenever seeking internet advices.
They believed in me.
How did they believed in me?
Hear this short story?
In 2021, I organized “Free 2021 Cryptocurrency Empowerment Programme” for the Twitter Users and, people I didn’t even know participated in this One day 3 Parts’ remote Programme.
I gave out values worth thousands of dollars in Cryptocurrency Industry.
You know what happened immediately after the training?
Participants flooded my DMs, Twitter Tags, Telegram comments, etc. with plenty testimonies.
Despite my huge experience as Entrepreneur, I still learn extraordinary lessons that day.
Those Participants are still patronizing my business till today.
Netflix is not crazy for giving you good one month as free, they want you to perceive what their Service can do for you.
You’re using Facebook for free.
Getting answers in Yahoo answer, Google and YouTube, etc. for free.
All these Tech Giants sell ads to you directly/indirectly.
You want Clients flooded your Copy/business and be begging you to take their money?
Prove what the selling Products/Services can do in the Copy and if possible, make live proofs.
Some Sellers render this as free taste.
Apply whatever works for your business type.
A million dollars secret handed over to you and it’s working like CRAZY.
4_ Triggers
There is a particular Woman used to sing on radio before selling anything.
Suppoman, the Crypto Giant used to sing for like 2 minutes before he go live on YouTube always.
You want me to buy your package.
Learn how to move me(triggers) in your Copy and I will buy more than I wish from you unknowingly.
5_ Objections
This is the biggest problem killing many Copies!
Prospective buyers will have unlimited reasons not to buy your package.
A friend of mine was advertising on radio for about 2 Months and nobody purchase his good training Service. 
Emerging a Legend and highly talented friend I so much love his World Class teaching. They didn’t recognize him at all.
He visited my private Office & I advised him to open calls for the entire Listeners in the next Programme.
You know what?
Live in his next Programme, he announced phone Number to call him live in his Programme & Prospective Buyers bombarded him with calls.
Everything was as if they had been waiting to call me for Weeks, “my friend said to me.
He addressed all their questions & sales flooded his business same Week after the Programme.
Buyers were naturally wired to solely believed in their minds. 
And, it’s your duty as a Copywriter to admit this in your campaign.
You don’t do this?
You will be thinking of Village people hodling your copy business carrier.
6_ Desires
Anytime I’m in Ogbomoso(Oyo State Nigeria), I usually visit a local Amala plus gbegiri/Luuru(Yam Flour + Beans Soup) Seller.
Something I’ve been missing for days, compare to Chemical meals we used to consume the most in Lagos, Abuja, other big Cities based on business assignments(mostly Lagos).
Why do I do this always?
I must satisfy my desire.
Each Client has his own desired taste.
You can’t satisfy all right?
But, it’s your duty as a Copywriter to command your Client(Seller) to do the needful so that you can exercise your Copywriting standard at full length.
The plan is to satisfy the Clients’ desires, not our own tastes.
7_ Problems
A particular Village was scammed with fake Fertilizers that didn’t contribute anything to their Crops germination and finally destroyed most of their farming Lands.
An Organic Fertilizers’ Seller from my Business Community contact me for the premium advice & I did magic.
My private training charges is huge & he paid without hesitation.
Here are the secret system created for his plan:
– Produce one Video showing where applying Organic Fertilizers to the new maize farm.
– Get another Video showing its massive impacts after few days.
– Prepare another Video showing Soil condition after harvesting and prove live in the Video by testing that Soil that it has improved its structure and will be reproducing  good manure years ahead.
Rule: Don’t sell to those Villages untill you set the proofs, if you really wanted to achieve long term business focus. “I warned my new Client.
As maize can be planted several times in a year.
My Client waited for good 3 Months to prepare everything in the live farm, just to make it genuine as warned.
You wanted to know the outcome?
He started consulting those Villages for the fertilizer Business, showing live proofs to already Scammed Villagers that had decided not to patronize any Fertilizer Seller then.
Sales went through the roof.
Why he sold plenty Fertilizers?
despite many Sellers across the Country?
He presented solution Product backed with real life evidence that he could solve their farm business pain without any doubt.
This young guy is still in my business Community till tomorrow & his real life testimonies are mind-blowing.
People can give you whatever the amount requested, as long as they believed that you can solve the battling PROBLEMS.
I have thousands of real life case studies but I need to hang up here.
Apply this in your Copywriting business & you will achieve whatever your target figure.
These are among the Psychology of human beings when making buying decision.
If your Copy doesn’t address this, you won’t succeed.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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