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Copywriting Class: KLT
It doesn’t matter your level of education/experience in Copywriting. Maybe, you don’t know anything about Copywriting at all. 
This episode will empower you in KLT angle in Copywriting. And, after learning through everything and implement forward, you will become a business presentation Guru(Expert) in any field, even, if you don’t know how to persuade at all(Content, Audio, Video, etc.).
Meaning of KLT?
K = Know
L = Like
T = Trust
When I was young, my girlfriend called me early morning exactly the following day I knew her & as a Developer, She wanted to get me Web Development Contract from his Father, that was fully ready to design World Class Website for their Cashew Exporting Company.
My beautiful girlfriend(University Student then) introduced me well to her Father immediately I got to them & contract negotiations done in agreement. What remains was the payment.
PROBLEM: Experienced Father(her Dad) still insisting that I must present one Guarantor from his area or circle, that he won’t deposit 70% of payment immediately as agreed.
Who would rescue me out of this situation? 
I was thinking silently inside my brain!
Despite the fact that I presented my documents, Office address, ID Cards, etc. I was lost in nature.
I need to decide within 5 minutes maximum, otherwise, I would lose that contract.
After 3 minutes, I came up with idea Solution. I called someone I well known(Late Afolabi RIP – died at 49 on March 29, 2022) in my City & tendered my predicament. Late Afolabi was just like brother & business partner to me. 
He was so popular & fully respected, in terms of life connections, when he was alive.
After called Late Afolabi on Phone. As usual, he said, “Jerry, that’s not the issue now.
He called someone he knew in their area immediately & after 1 minute, the well known party now called the contractor & Contract sealed with immediate deposit. That was how I crossed KLT once through that experience alone.
It wasn’t funny to me about Late Afolabi!
What a man of connections he be!
Can you see the power of “KNOW” in Copywriting?
How Can You Make People Know You?
Because, nobody will honour you, whether contract or no contract,. unless they know you.
How Can You Make People Know You?
You have to prove your REALITIES on business.
1_ You need high level of consistency from my real life experience.
2_ You need to show up daily across the Social Networks by posting tips/solutions within your niche.
3_ Why you’re not showing up in live Video, if you’re truly genuine & you’re not a Scammer? Show yourself live in VSL(Video Sales Letter) whether you’re selling or just nurturing.
4_ Make Partnerships with Giants.
5_ Chose minimum of one Social Network & be active with the people.
6_ Network with others & build connections.
7_ Run live Events, no matter how its size. You can gather just 20 people in minor live event(s), give values(teach), record short Videos & post across. Only crazy people won’t believe someone appear in live Videos for months.
It’s normal if some INTERNET Users not ready to know you. In fact, some would never like you & they won’t buy from you. That’s the nature of the INTERNET. You can’t WIN everyone.
KNOW is just like asking for SEX(just case study pls) in the 1st date!
Let’s continue with LIKE.
Almost everyone(95%, if not 100) likes me in my Office area and people are still wondering why. I’m I the only one in the area?
Help society solve one of their terrible pains & see if they won’t like you.
President Yaradua of Nigeria died in 2010 & all Nigerians were crying.
He beats down fuel price to the minimum price in record & Nigerians got relieved financially immediately.
The best VSL Entrepreneur in the Entire World, Nas Daily used to travel across & uncover global success stories(1 minute Video) Free of charge across the Social Networks & the entire World fell in love for him.
A lot of people became Millionaires/Billionaires through his Success Stories.
Success/Failure Stories is where we learn the biggest secrets to escape terrible disasters in life. Especially, in the area of finances.
In my 2021 Empowerment Programme, I gave out Cryptocurrency Learning Training Videos, Part 1 -3 worth $1000 to Nigerians Free of charge. A lot of testimonies upon testimonies till today. And, those who benefited are still patronizing my businesses till today.
I have thousands of real life case studies in my brain, but, I need to cut the long story short.
Give something big out to the people free of charge and see if they won’t die because of you, talk less of ordinary buying from you. Let’s go to the last Copywriting secret which is 
A lot of Sellers get this wrong, even, highly successful Entrepreneurs.
They made big promises to the buyers & won’t take care of it.
Somebody shouldn’t get dissapointed after purchased from you.
TRUST is the only angle you will get Billions of Contracts with time, without any frustration.
For instance, why is it that anytime someone purchased my package(any of my Courses), they buy more from me without any. hesitation?
That’s the POWER OF TRUST.
My less than a year Client contact me in WhatsApp & be begging me to take his money(millions) and accept online business contract with him.
That’s the POWER OF TRUST.
My Community members I haven’t come across once in history used to send me money to help them secure one thing or the other online.
That’s the POWER OF TRUST.
– Always sell quality package.
– Render great Customer Caring.
– Check in your Customer on his/her bday & Important days of the year.
– Pity Customers suffering external problems not even consign you.
– Celebrate with them.
– Reply their messages/requests as fast as possible.
– Make them win and they will like you till dealth.
Now, you’ve learned the biggest winning secrets in KLT when it comes to Copywriting. They don’t teach this in School.
To cut the long Secrets short.
Implement the above in your life/business & you’re UNSTOPPABLE.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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