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Beyond Human Imagination!
If this real life story doesn’t teach you something big, I don’t know what to call it.
Here are my real life story….
There was a vision in 2009 & We backed the VISION with real actions immediately.
The vision was to set World Class Project for a City in Nigeria.
through the help of God, Project set off.
Like play like joke.
A year Project refused to launch & turned to 3 years.
Like play like play.
5 years.
9 years.
in the 10th year,
I was so determined and concluded to make it live by all means.
I consulted City Kings, Queens, almost all the entire City Leaders for the launching awareness about their Project God devoted its initial finances to my side.
they all supported the launching.
Even, I held live meeting with the richest in the 
City & they all supported fully.
City richest even registered it inside their special SCHEDULE PROGRAMMES notebook for fast recalling.
So joyful before the launching day.
In fact,
Friends, Family, relatives, neighbouring, even animal was celebrating with us as Project team, especially me.
Believed that, with all these City richest be in support, this Project would be highly successful on the launching day.
No one would never believe in any Angel prophesized what would be the encounter in its celebration day.
To cut the long story short!
On the launching Week.
We spent a lot in creating the awareness after invited all Companies in that City, including Microfinances & PLC Banks for this special launching Programme.
On the launching day,
We set big loud Speaking instruments, others to present the Project classically but something strange happened.
You wish to know that?
Nobody among City Leaders attended Standard City Launching Programme!
Is it because it was 3 days to the new year?
Is it because it wasn’t politics?
Is it because of selfishness?
Is it because of they don’t like themselves & they’re not interested in sitting together?
Were they having occasions?
Were they totally disliked that City?
What was the major barrier?
Because, same Leaders used to attend ordinary occasions & this is World Class City Project we’re talking about.
Nobody can explain till tomorrow.
The Multi millions Project failed woefully on the launching day & We Project team didn’t realized 20k($40).
What’s the moral of this lesson?
You can’t control what “BEYOND HUMAN IMAGINATION”.
You wish to know the name of that Nigeria City, real project cost & full details?
More about this story at anytime in the future.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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