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If you’re a beginner in online business, this is for you:
Why “business advice” failed you and the only 2 pieces of advice that will take you from broke to financially free:
I went from making $250 a month to over $75,000 a month in a little under two years.
All ran from Guatemala, a third world country. My first language isn’t even English.
And I don’t say this to brag. I just say this to show you it’s possible.
On with the thread:
If you’re a beginner, you’ll feel like you need a lot of advice to get started.
Which is true. But not as much as you think.
If half your day is figuring out what to do, then you never have time to actually do it. And you fall into a common trap:
You waste so much time asking questions because you don’t want to be wrong.
But what you haven’t yet understood is that the only way to get it right is to get it wrong.
You learn more by creating something awful than by listening to advice on how to create something functional
Guru A says you should do something. But Guru B says the opposite.
“Work hard” vs. “Work smart”
“Be patient and trust the process” vs. “Go out there every day and create opportunities”
So who’s right?
Fuck around and find out.
You already know what to do. You already know you need something to sell. And you need someone to sell it to.
So imagine if you focused your efforts on JUST that. Instead of watching all these videos on how to do it.
They don’t know you. They don’t know your situation. You do.
Build something. Show it to people. If they buy it keep going. If not, pivot.
We read 100 business books to understand that the only way to make sure our business works is to fuck around in silence and find out.
There’s no “1 piece of advice” that’s going to “change everything”. The only thing that will change everything is fucking around and finding out.
“What’s your book recommendation for X?” fuck around and find out
“What advice would you give me if…?” fuck around and find out
“How would you recommend I…?” fuck around and find out
If business were easy everyone would do it. It’s not math. There’s no plug-and-play equation that works for everything. Sometimes geniuses just fail. Sometimes actual idiots win.
But if you keep trying you’ll eventually “get it”. You don’t know when. But you will.
Want to win at business?
1. Just accept it’s going to take months of uncertainty.
2. Stop asking questions.
3. And just fuck around in silence until you find out.
If you don’t have money this is the fastest way.
If you do, pay for access. Find someone who did what you want to do and pay for their time.
Free content is free for a reason. The actual good stuff always has an invoice attached to it.
You’ll also respect the advice more and actually execute on it.
Just try it. Trust me. All the answers will be clear once you actually try.
Close YouTube. Close Twitter. And start building your business.
Talk soon,
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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