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7 Ways To Sell Anything As An Affiliate:
Let’s use World Internet Billionaires Website as a case study here.
1_ Create WhatsApp Groups & Add Your Friends/Family.
You can do that in one minute. 
But, make sure that you understand World Internet Billionaires program advancely, so that you can present it well before your group.
Wrong presentation kills present/future sales opportunities.
That’s where inexperienced affiliate kills everything.
There is no reason to rush, if you don’t understand World Internet Billionaires Programme well.
Nurture them for 3 days minimum before you can sell through your affiliate link.
Nobody buys from hungry affiliate.
Position yourself better.
Don’t campaign World Internet Billionaires Programme wrongly, just like the way they used to advertise Ponzi/Pyramid SCHEME.
Condemn those Scam Programmes before them to position yourself well.
After 3-7 days maximum, start attaching your affiliate link to the free education contents.
They will register under you.
You present well.
World Internet Billionaires Program have unlimited Solutions over their worries.
There is one Guy that’s making 3 millions minimum monthly using this method.
If this young undergraduate guy could make it & testify, you too can.
2_ Create Telegram Groups & Add Your Friends/Family.
Apply the same strategies in number one & you will sell tired.
It works like CRAZY, from experience.
People are more active on WhatsApp but Telegram has better functions.
Chose your most interested one by yourself.
No barrier.
3_ Word of Mouth
This is an old school marketing system but still works till tomorrow.
Same period you’re wasting in arguments offline.
Use it to campaign for World Internet Billionaires Website, they will catch interest & register under you.
As long as they trust you.
Your authority will command them.
There are plenty Crowd in your Church/Mosque/School, etc.
Stop wasting your precious time daily & apply this opportunity to monitize your time.
Time is real money for the Wise!
4_ Join Groups & Be Active.
Research many groups in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.
Join Groups related to World Internet Billionaires Programme.
99% of INTERNET groups related due to our multi-niches services.
Try to be active & introduce World Internet Billionaires to them after like 7 days.
It works well well & it will work for you.
The room is large in the entire World to make money in World Internet Billionaires International Platform.
5_ Partner With Influencers
A lot of Influencers are in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Like It, etc.
All these Influencers are looking for who to advertise with them.
Partner with many & request for 50% off ad charges, some of them will welcome you, with their believe that you will be placing adverts with them consistently ahead. 
Tell them you have long term goals as Affiliate.
A lot of them will welcome you & cut off the ad(advert) charges for you.
It is so easy to generate Clients through your affiliate link, using Influencers.
You will tap into their authorities.
Their Followers trust, like & know them already(KLT RULES).
They usually patronize whatever they introduce/place/present before them.
6_ JV
We call this “Join Venture”.
As simple as this,
you connect any Entrepreneur or Influencer or any group Owner & offer them reliable part of your affiliate Commission.
Some will collect deposit upward.
Some will welcome your offer, as long as he/she trust you that you won’t disappoint him/her.
Through that,
you present your selling copy(having Affiliate link) & he does the whole job for you.
Some even have big mail list to send your campaign.
They will send you plenty sales.
Means, more reliable Clients, plenty money.
All these methods have been working perfectly for years.
Just believe in yourself & take massive actions now.
7_ Paid Ads
Try to learn how to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok, etc.
That is working like CRAZY!
plenty Affiliates are using these methods.
A lot of affiliates are making millions Monthly using any of the samples so far, 
why not you?
Advertisement guides are available in our platform & more are coming weekly.
Nothing is holding you anymore.
Start now,
Learn along the process,
And make millions monthly.
You can build your mail list(Clients’ emails) through ads & be selling through email marketing.
Giant Affiliates are using both paid ads & mail marketing.
Some are selling through WhatsApp Status after built their WhatsApp Contacts. Most of Expertnaire Affiliates are selling through WhatsApp Status.
You can run paid ads in reliable WhatsApp T.V like The Pot Media T.V.
There is no one size fits it all!
Seun Ogundele & Victory Akpomedaye started same ways without any excuse in JVZoo & they dominated International Platforms.
Caleb, top Expertnaire Affiliate started same way in Expertnaire, dominated & be making millions Weekly.
Our top Affiliates started same ways & be laughing to the bank Monthly.
YOU are the only reason to delay yourself.
Now is the right time.
Stop complaining about the Government!
Make used of this real millionsmaking opportunities & start now.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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