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5 Ways To Position Yourself In Facebook and Instagram Ads:
“Learn Facebook and Instagram ads from over a decade of experience Entrepreneur”
Above ad headline positions you as real expert before audience automatically.
“Opportunity to avoid 10 years failure in online business”
Nobody wants to suffer for 10 years online. Very good broad Facebook and Instagram ads headline. They will click in immediately and give you initial authority. All you need is better copy to complete the plan. Which you can learn everything inside this website.
“Can you sacrifice a year to experience better life through the internet?”
Quality audience value this promise. They will respect your opinion, rank your advice and join your business. Based on the above ad headline.
“This is not a get rich quick overnight business please ❌
When you end your ad copy with the above, it would help you flush away low quality audience, I mean Ponzi Players, pulled in reliable audience that are ready to buy and always have money. It works for me to build instant authority always. 
“Don’t bother yourself if you’re not interested in reliable online business”
You can replace “online business” in the above sentence with your niche or business model. Good to knock away time wasters and attract qualify audience. 
Bonus Point
Be so valuable in extraordinary way that nobody has capacity to replace you before your audience. You will win big with time. 
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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