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World Internet Billionaires Programme will never pirate any book & we’re not here to affect the other parties businesses. Everything revealed here are just little case studies that pointed to the big things hiding in Rich Dad Poor Dad Book. Try to buy the original one in Amazon, read it like 3 times minimum to be highly successful. To fulfil in life, this book is one of the best Books you need to read, digest & apply in your daily steps. Enjoy…….
5 Lessons I Learned From The Best Selling Book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.
1st Lesson
1_ The Present Modern School System Is Obsolete!
It is totally finished for you if you failed in your School!
You’ve to score minimum of 50% in average to be credited in the entire global Schools.
The richest People in the entire World are the highest failures. 
Jack Ma failed pass 90% of the people in the entire World and still became the World best.
While failure is not permitted in the School, while failure is the only riot to become the World best.
This is misleading in nature.
Thomas Edison failed unlimited times before finally created light bulbs.
If you do that in MODERN School, you’ve GONE totally!
I failed for good 7 years in forex trading before I became Forex Trading Professional back 2014 & impacted many lives, produced plenty Pro traders after run.
You won’t exist anymore in the School if you do that.
While will I be learning through the same old Systems(Old Syllabus, outdated Teacher/Lecturer, etc.) that is not Tech in nature?
Judge it by yourself in reality life.
2_ Real Financial Education Lacked In School.
Many useless Courses that can’t put ordinary Snacks on the table are still teaching till tomorrow!
Very few Schools teaching Entrepreneur, 90% of them are still doing it on a wrong way.
Why should I read everything in School, came out as 1st Class & still suffering in the job marketplace?
Something is wrong!
No real Financial Education!
Ordinary education teaches you how to get job in the Marketplace.
Financial Education teaches you “How to Sale” anything.
How can you be educated financially according to Rich Dad Poor Dad?
By reading the financial education Books.
Especially, HOW TO SALE.
3_ Don’t live fake luxury life, live reality life.
You don’t need expensive instruments in your Office, Room or Wardrobe if you’re not really get rich.
What you need are reliable Financial Education Books which are ASSET.
Former will take a lot of money away from you.
Later will make you a lot of money to buy whatever convinently in the nearby future.
4_ You Don’t Need Money To Make Money.
Almost everyone believed that to achieve anything in life, you need money.
Wrong assumption!
You can have a million, start new business & lose everything within a year.
What you need is “GREAT MINDSET”(courage & financial education) to start where you’re & create another records.
The tangible secret to achieve anything is to believe in yourself that you can do it, get into the real ACTIONS & finally win.
If Robert Kiyosaki can do it, you can do more.
5_ Read Like A Giant.
World Richest read pass everyone in the Society, that’s why they remain global Leaders.
Don’t just read.
Read financial education Books and take massive actions.
You can conquer anything by being an action taker.
If you live your life in that uncommon zone.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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