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30 Ways To Create Better Future No Matter How Your Country’s Economy Situation
Invest in your financial education and be hungry for knowledge daily. Conventional education is just 5%. Financial education is 95%.
My retiree Student said throughout his 9-5 job before retirement, he knew nothing about the internet. He usually busy serving the government. Don’t get yourself stuck in 9-5 job.
Participants pay up to $20,000 per head till now, to attend Grant Carson’s yearly Entrepreneurship Conference 10X Growth Conference. Emerging! 
I used to sacrifice millions for knowledge yearly. Always Sacrifice for better tomorrow.
I used to update my serious past ICT Students about any latest investments or moneymaking opportunities available. So, have reliable Entrepreneur as your Mentor.
Be well disciplined. The little capital in your hand/account will survive you, if diversify well.
I attended the biggest Entrepreneurship event in Nigeria, Nigerian Youth Enterprises by Nigerian Billionaire Entrepreneur Akin Alabi. I am making money till date from few connections I got there. And, I attended just once. So, always attend reliable Entrepreneurship events yearly.
In 2016, I associated with young folks in area I live temporarily in my City. Those Youths celebrated their yearly Youth events 3 times yearly when I was there and they made me event Chairman.
Also, Those Guys are still connected with me like a real family till date. Taking care of me anywhere they see me like their God. That’s real FULFILMENT.
Have good associations.
I lost $42,000 trading account to the hand of U.K Scammers in October 2016 and I still move on the following day. Without a renew/CRAZY MINDSET, you can’t SUCCEED. Open Your MINDSET to have great future. That’s the foundation of everything you do daily in your life.
I don’t used to reply anyone arguing with me online. I solely always educate forward. They came back to me 90% of the time and apologized. Don’t waste your precious time(future) arguing online.
Risk some capital in Bitcoin($22K now) and always sell in every 4 years during its boom Markets, if you can’t hodl till another 4 years. This one is not a financial advice please. You may either gain or lose everything. Please, take note! Hint! Those invested in Bitcoin early(2012 below) are ruling the World now.
When you invested in Bitcoin or any reliable programme/project and you lose, please, move on. You can only have better future when you understand how to move on in life.
Bill Gate used to read 1-2 Books minimum Weekly. Read reliable books on your goals to be like them and have great future.
All Billionaire Entrepreneurs are critical thinkers. They usually think 30 minutes minimum daily. Be/Act like them to get clear decision/direction and have great future.
Avoid ponzi/pyramid/hyip by all means. Don’t allow them bite you and destroy your future. You all heard of how MMM finally ends up in Nigeria.
Avoid porn/masturbation. That’s your real enemy.
I won’t easily SUCCEED World Internet Billionaires International Website very easily, if not the support of my global Partners. Have reliable business partners to grow big and stand out in the future.
I am benefiting MASSIVELY in my Church friends till date. Have strong position/foundation in your Church/Mosque.
Don’t avoid those below your standard. History changed with time. 2 or more among them might be an Angels of your future. I have many friends in those category in the past and few of them are enjoying in the foreign lands now. They used to send me reliable gifts always. Lesson! Never take low standard people for granted for better tomorrow
My Sister used to feed this Guy as support a lot when he was in Nigeria University(LAUTECH) and be seriously suffering. Same Guy is a Multi-millionaire now, having 2 exotic Cars. The recent gift She offered my Sister is the latest iPhone. You know its worth(price) already. CRAZY!
Guys complaining that cute ladies didn’t agreed with them. What do you think may likely be their problems?
Here’s the thing. They focus on dating 1st. instead of being valuable. Be valuable to have better future.
A young undergraduate Nigerian Affiliate Marketer was interviewed regarding how She made over 30M in Nigeria in one year. She said She used to execute whatever learned immediately. See real ACTION TAKER.
I don’t allow any Visitor accessed my private ICT operation room daily, unless I’ve completed the tasks that would move the needle.
The GREATEST Mentor in the World can’t rescue you, if you’re not an ACTION TAKER.
Be an ACTION TAKER to have great future.
I launched about 4 sales pages and failed big. Why? I didn’t know how to sell. Same in my radio Programmes.
Sometimes, I laugh in Facebook when I come across terrible Facebook ads. 
90% of businesses usually crashed because they couldn’t sell.
Know how to sell to create amazing future.
My minimum Course charges in Nigeria is 20K and my Followers used to give estimonies after learned everything. No single refund till I closed selling Courses.
When you’ve minimum of 2-3 high income skills, you’ve better future.
When Covid strikes in early 2020, everyone suddenly turned into an Internet Marketer. And, most of them didn’t count on anything internet before, that’s why they suffered a lot.
Those operating online before Covid made millions that time. 
Internet means the latest Technology and technology is our future. Value the internet not to get knocked in the future.
I came across this handsome Guy in Nigerian hotel and I confirmed, he’s a Yahoo Guy. His friends Frank like attacking me when I was preaching to them to change. They didn’t listen.
I heard they later arrested all of them and put them in remand(semi-prison). Only God knows how it FINALLY ends. I didn’t current again.
Avoid bad circle by all means to have better future.
You can be busy online for 5 years and not make a single dollar. Everyone is busy online daily. Ask them how much they realized.
Being busy only across daily ain’t cash. Be highly educated about the internet to have better future.
In 2017, high tickets’ buyer contact me in Facebook Messenger from U.S.A and requested for $10,000 one-on-one Crypto training.
After concluded the $10K deal. He was now asking for my business Website before payment. I was fibrating! Why? I had no Website. That’s how I lost $10,000 payment because of ordinary consulting Website.
Have Website for your business to have great future.  
I used to render young folks a lot of financial support in the past. Today, most them have relocated across the globe and they can’t do without me.
I also remember the day Church unit contact  me for my yearly contribution. I promised to contribute and I did so few days after on. I gave the maximum capacity from the little I had.
God multiplied my contribution for me same week. And, I am highly benefiting that glory till date.
Givers never lacked if truly give from clean mind/heart. Give as if your entire life depends on it. You will have amazing future.
I didn’t count on business Office for decades. I can’t believe the connections and business deals I have ACHIEVED through having reliable Offices.
Have Office to build credibility and have better future.
Learn Yearly in this International Website World Internet Billionaires.
You will be learning forward from my true life stories, Billionaire Entrepreneurs Stories, lessons from the top books, internet skills, businesses, security education, etc. 
This International Website World Internet Billionaires is enough for you to have great future, as long as you learn here for an hour minimum daily, remain here yearly and you take massive ACTIONS.
How Can You Create Better Future No Matter How Your Country’s Economy Situation?
Read everything in the above again.
Understand each. Digest and implement forward.
You’re UNSTOPPABLE in the future.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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