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21 Ways To Get Rich In Dollars:
Cryptocurrency Trading/Investing.
E.g in Binance.
Advice: Invest till 2024-25 minimum to BENEFIT the next “MIRACLE MONEY”.
Think outside the box(comfort zone) pls.
E.g render your skills as Services in fiverr, upwork, etc.
Amazon KDP.
In amazon.
Advice: Try to Understand “COPYWRITING” to EARN BIG.
Forex Trading CPA(Cost Per Action)
E.g for Instaforex
Affiliate for foreign FX Platforms to become a CPA Affiliate Giant & EARN BIG.
Selling to Foreign Clients on/off Website.
E.g Selling Courses(eBooks, Videos, Audios, Consultant, Services, Webinars, etc.).
Facebook/Twitter/IG/Tiktok Ad Agency to Foreign Clients.
Ad display Videos.
LinkedIn Niche Consultant.
International Copywriter
Write for FREE to prove yourself, build your Portfolio and pack off 90% of the available contracts(through FREE).
International Affiliate Marketer.
Affiliate for foreign Platforms like JVZoo, Maxbounty, Shareasale, Clickbank, CPA Affiliate, Stakecut, SELA, Amazon Affiliate, etc.
11_ Binance P2P
Buy low online/offline, sell high in Binance P2P, convert back to USD. 
Done! You can be making $1000 minimum daily/Weekly.
12_ Opera Mini Content Writing
Many Nigerians earn 1Million Naira minimum through writing article in opera mini.
13_ V.A(Virtual Assistance) for foreign Companies.
Like assisting them in their Facebook Page/Group/Account as Customer Care.
14_ Foreign Representative
Like representing foreign Companies in Nigeria and be paid in DOLLARS.
15_ Drop Shipping
By helping foreign Platforms/Sellers sell their package through adverts and Seller fulfiled everything by himself/herself and you get paid as concluded in dollars.
16_ Stock Trading
Trading Stock in stock trading Platforms or through Stock Agents.
Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, etc. all have Stocks trading live in the Global Stock Markets.
17_ Partnerships
Partner with Expert Trader to help you trade and make dollars in the foreign trading Platform and both of you earn in DOLLARS.
18_ Email Copywriter
Learn how to write well converted email, render it as Service to the foreign Sellers/Companies and earn in DOLLARS.
19_ Trading Forex directly. Not only CPA Affiliate.
20_ Exportation
Export goods to abroad and receive payment in DOLLARS.
Hint: You don’t need to travel at all. Just partner with any reliable Exporter already in the system and get go. You will understand everything along. DONE!
21_ Sell in Amazon
List your Products in Amazon Website and get paid in DOLLARS.
Expect more very soon.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
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