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20 Secrets To Know The Reliable Cryptocurrency Project And Invest With Real Confidence
Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency Industry is CRAZY! Why? Some Scammers go extra length & finally walk away with big Investments. Always DYOR(Do Your Own Research) which is the important Crypto fact.
20 Secrets To Know The Reliable Cryptocurrency Project And Invest With Real Confidence:
Secret 1
If they copy the old Project, run away from them.
Secret 2
Founder Experience
If you look at their Founder’s Social Network’s Profile or the entire data & the Founder has no record, run away from them.
Secret 3
Profile Validity
Always check their Profiles links across if valid for authenticity.
Secret 4
I participated in one private sales because of big bonus & I experienced disaster after they went live. Learn from my brutal experience.
Secret 5
Token Sale Platform
Are they selling their tokens(Cryptos) in well reputable Platform(E.g Binance)? If so, they’re 90% reliable. If not, risk minimum within your capacity or run.
Secret 6
A good Project’s Team mustn’t hide themselves. 
Secret 7
Always verify their Team standard across the provided data/links.
Secret 8
Use Case
Is their Project’s Solution have real case use?
Secret 9
If hyping across the networks more than enough, that’s red signal. A good Project usually sells itself. No need of fucking hyping!
Secret 10
If having one or more reliable Partners & you verified everything to be valid, they may likely genuine.
Secret 11
Customer Care
If you can reach them very easily & interract with them, they may likely genuine.
Secret 12
Token Holding
If at least 70% of tokens hodl in one hand, that’s a pure red signal.
Secret 13
If their Projects are too much hyping by Popular Figures, beware of them. 99% of Public Figures know nothing about Cryptocurrency Industry.
Secret 14
Additional Deposit Request
If they’re are strategically hammering you to make more deposit again, that’s a red signal.
Secret 15
Token Price
If their token Price is too high, beware of them, unless they have been on the internet for years before launch.
Secret 16
Their Company Hodling Wallet
If their hodling Wallet is not published for the general public to track their hodling ahead, that’s a red signal.
Secret 17
Ponzi Features
If everything they published/promised resembled Ponzi styles, that’s a red signal.
Secret 18
Sales & Marketing System
If they don’t plan “Sales & Marketing” well, they won’t succeed no matter how standard their Company’s Project. Many World Class Projects in history were not succeed because of SHOCKED MARKETING.
Secret 19
If backed with less standard V.C(Venture Capital), they’re not really strong.
Secret 20
If not stated the actual time to list their token/Coin, that’s another red signal. Are they also listing in reputable Exchange(s)? That’s another criteria to decide how much to risk with them.
Cryptocurrency is the most powerful Industry on the internet now, but you’ve to take reasonable risks to make it BIG in this beautiful INDUSTRY.
The above tangible Crypto SECRETS are enough for you to become a World Class Cryptocurrency Expert, if you truly studied everything & digest well.
More tangible Secrets soon…….
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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