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20 Reasons 90% Of Nigerians Will Never Make Money Online And The Solutions.
Many Nigerians are still living in the old Century, believing that internet is a Scam. Not so. Just focus on its beneficial aspects.
Many Nigerians don’t have browsing Phones in their hands and not care about the internet. Don’t be the Person.
Emerging Parents not attach their Children to technology at early stages of life. It doesn’t matter the past, do the needful for yourself now.
Many Nigerians so much believed in Free Stuffs which can’t take them to anywhere. Internet Giants all are still learning till tomorrow.
Many Nigerians don’t Cherised their emails which is a powerful weapon to capture valuable information. Subscribe your emails where necessary & engage in your mail inbox daily for your own huge benefits.
Many Nigerians don’t know how to use Google Search advancely. Search whatever you want in Google(keywords) & visit 10 Websites minimum to achieve better results.
Many Nigerians can’t read. Readers are the richest. Carry reading blood from now on & read books on your goals like CRAZY. Your life can’t be the same in 6 Months maximum, if applied what you’ve read.
Many Nigerians don’t value WhatsApp. Your business can be run in WhatsApp groups or Status & be making millions monthly.
Many Nigerians so much believed in Conventional Education. School education is limited, financial education(Internet Courses, Webinars, Seminars, Coaching, books, etc.) are unlimited & it can be running everywhere.
Many Nigerians Mindsets are fixed. Everything is a scam before many Nigerians. Don’t be like them.
Many Nigerians believe in their past experiences! You got scammed in the past is not the reason to give up. It happens to us all, we didn’t give up and we won.
Many Nigerians don’t value internet security education, that’s why they work for years, generate millions/billions online & get scammed overnight. Internet Security Education is the most important part.
Many Nigerians too believed in Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes, that’s why they usually get scammed. Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes are not genuine.
Many Nigerians don’t have patience. They wanted to make millions overnight. Wealth building takes time.
Many Nigerians too rely on fake information across the Social Networks.
Many Nigerians don’t have Mentors. They’re seriously suffering in shortcuts, which doesn’t work that way. Internet Entrepreneurs invest in knowledge crazily everyday.
Many Nigerians too scaring about losses. No pain no dollars in this present generation.
Many Nigerians Matrimonial Homes don’t support each other’s internet mission. You Couples need to get this right & not deny yourself internet fortune.
Many Nigerians don’t value investment in themselves. “Investment in yourself pays the highest interest”.
Many Nigerians don’t upgrade. Why would somebody so much believed in books he has read 5 years time or seminar She attended in 2 years time? Information change very fast on the internet! That’s why we internet Entrepreneurs learn very fast day in day out.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
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