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15 Tangible Secrets You Need To Cancel Fear And Deal With Any Stranger On The Internet.
Disclaimer: Some Sellers/Programmes don’t care to go extra length just to achieve their Scamming aims on the internet. Some Scammers after obtained the valid business documents, even partnered with the Government’s Agencies(fake partnerships) just to achieve their fucking recordbreaking SCAM. So, test new program with trial fund within your capacity before you involve big funds. Be extra careful ok! Below secrets will solve 90% for you.
15 Tangible Secrets You Need To Cancel Fear And Deal With Any Stranger On The Internet:
[1] Are they having Physical Office?
Check both their Website homepage & their contact to know if they have Physical Office Address. There is no single reason for them not to have.
[2] Is there Office Address truly genuine?
Company published fake Office Address in their Website & vanished off overnight. Network if you can’t step their Office, just to know the reality.
[3] Are they having Phone Number?
Having Phone Number published live in their Website to reach them very fast makes them a serious Company.
[4] Are their Phone numbers truly valid?
Atimes, Company published fake Phone Number(s) that can’t be reached at all or registered with fake names, just to achieve their wicked minds. Verify their Phone Numbers’ names if rhyme with their Profile using TrueCaller. Done!
[5] Do they truly registered as proved?
Some Companies published fake registered documents as prove. If it’s Nigeria CAC(Cooperation Affairs Commission) document, Search their name in to verify if they truly registered, you will see everything, including their RC or BN Number immediately. Done. Hint: They don’t need to register to be valid. A real Company is a genuine Company no matter how.
[6] Are their Team not anonymous?
Why their Team or Founder don’t show faces anywhere across the internet? This is suspicious in nature. You may request for that. Hint: Some Projects appear anonymous in history & they were valid. Especially, in Cryptocurrency Industry. E.g Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin Pioneer & The Foundation of Cryptocurrency Industry remains anonymous till tomorrow. Founder hides himself/herself just for protection atimes. No one knows him! It doesn’t matter atimes. But, do your findings to know the tangible reasons behind.
[7] Do you trust their Campaign Legends?
Fake Companies atimes pretend like original ones & seal campaign deals with public figure across. A lot of Influencers, Popular Musicians, Soccer Legends, Public Figure, etc. are in serious problems now, because of this. This is very common in Crypto Industry. So, They’re really trending through the popular names doesn’t mean they’re 100% genuine. Just be extra careful!
[8] Is their Package not Copied?
Emerging one Company would copy another Company Website Coding, change only name & be selling the same thing they’re selling strategically. Shocked. We have billions of Websites on the internet. So, not easy to detect this secret, unless you’re a Savvy INTERNET User like me.  Why are they doing that & not bring something new into the Marketplace, they’re Scammers.
[9] Are they showing their faces?
I talk about this in number 6. I used to talk about World Internet Billionaires Website a lot in live Videos on YouTube, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. and will add TikTok soon. Why should I hide as a Founder if World Internet Billionaires International Website is truly genuine at 100%. That’s it.
[10] Is their Social Networks Published Profiles truly genuine?
Always cross-check their Social Network’s Profile & link up through their websites, if truly genuine. Many Companies in history set up face Social Networks Accounts, scammed people globally & delete account overnight. WATCHOUT for this!
[11] Are they having durable package?
Why would you deal with Ponzi/Pyramid Companies, they’re always Scammers robbing Peter & pay Paul. Don’t spend your hard-earned money with any Company not selling something that will last for a long time, solve global issues & rescue humanity.
[12] Is their Founders being on the internet for years?
At least, a good Founder must have been on the internet for 3 years minimum. Why would you just appear on the internet & launched new Website/Package, despite the number of years that INTERNET exists? That’s suspicious in nature! Be extra careful before you deal with such Stranger.
[13] What exactly people are saying about them online?
Check their Profiles across the Social Networks to verify what others are saying about them. And, try to track them for few days, if they don’t delete comments.
[14] Are they not changing name strategically?
Some Companies would scam people with one name, dissappear & relaunched strategically using another names. It happens a lot during MMM Nigeria Ponzi era. Beware!
[15] Do you read & understand their Company’s Terms and Conditions(T&C’s)?
This is where INTERNET BUYERS kill themselves. Some Companies know that you won’t read it, that’s why they will rope you with their terms and conditions you’ve accepted during registration/Subscription. Everyone and their Dogs blame MMM Nigeria in the past but MMM weren’t wrong at all. Why? It was stated very clearly in their Website that you can pledge your hard-earned money in MMM Nigeria Website and lose everything. “They warned Nigerians never to use the kind of capital they couldn’t afford to lose. Yes! Stated very clearly in their Terms and Conditions. Read Terms and Conditions of any Company in their Website, try to understand it very well and ask whatever the questions before you deal with them. You’re UNSTOPPABLE!
Bonus Point
Have another ATM Card.
I see a lot of Newbies missing big opportunities on the internet because, they didn’t want to use their Banks’ ATM Cards. Solution is so simple! You can get Virtual Card of any bank through their App/Website in less than 5 minutes. Get another ATM Card & be using it to transact online with any Company you don’t trust, basic! You can use any ATM Card of yours with this our Website, no regret. Why? We are using PAYSTACK Payment Company, the best payment Company in the entire African Continent, using by top Companies in Nigeria(MTN, GLO, Bet9ja, Nairabet, etc.) We’re in the generation of online transactions. Don’t be left behind! Don’t deny yourself big opportunities because of unnecessary things. You don’t know which opportunity is coming this night. Have another ATM Card whether VisaCard, MasterCard, Discover or American Express, etc. Just make sure that their Website domain is well secured(padlock). No more panick from now on!
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