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15 Business Lessons That Took JKMolina 2 Years To Learn And Could Make You Rich In Less Than 5 Minutes:
1) Offense is the best defense. If a deal didn’t go your way you can feel sorry for yourself or you can create 10 more that “might” close. And if they don’t close, you send 100 more. If you lose it all you simply make it all back.
2) You are, at all times, one move away from changing your situation. You can get help, use more leverage or simply stop playing. You don’t see the solution because you’re too focused on the problem. And sometimes the problem isn’t even there.
3) A hungry market goes first if you ever want to make serious money. There’s a reason why terrible hot dog stands and overpriced beers sell out in games. Because a hungry market will buy anything.
4) Be prepared to tell white lies about your ability to deliver in the beginning. 
Close the deal. Then find a way to make it work.
If you can’t make it work, give them their money back.
If it does, pretend that’s normal and use that case study to close your next deals.
5) People will give you their money if you position yourself as a “magic box”. Tell them that for every $1 they give you, you can make them $3 back.
6) An audience allows you to be wrong and still be right. You could launch a subpar product with subpar copy and subpar strategy. True fans will buy anyway.
7) Don’t think about networking until you’ve proven yourself. Mentors are not looking for sob stories. They’re looking for highly competent people they can do business with or brag to their friends about.
8) It doesn’t matter if you’re not the most talented, smartest or best connected. Stay consistent for years and you’ll eventually get all those + the lessons they didn’t learn.
9) If there was ever a “shortcut” in business, it’s paying for access. Find someone who already did what you want to do. Then pay whatever they ask for an hour of their time.
10) “Work smart, not hard” is great advice for people who already make some money.
If you haven’t, chances are you have to shoot more shots in the general direction of your goals. Whether they hit or not, that’s actually the fastest way.
11) You don’t want to do business with the smartest guy you know. You want to do business with the most shameless guy you know. They’ll get someone to send you a check before your product is even ready. Pretty much exactly what you want.
12) Making money is a learnable skill. Not a random event. Every business you build after your one success is going to be dramatically easier for you.
You only have to figure it out once.
13) Market crashes and inflation are not an issue to skilled entrepreneurs because their skillset is recession proof. It literally allows them to make money at will. It’s a good time to evaluate if yours can do the same.
14) Watching other people’s highlight reels will destroy your ability to create something great. Avoid looking at pictures of muscles, cars, money and women online. Delete social media apps if you need to. Focus.
15) Positioning is the easiest way to get what you want with the least amount of effort. You could be less competent and work less than your competition and still end up beating them if your positioning is right.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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