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12 Lessons I Learned From Akin Alabi About His $5000 Per Ticket Seminar, The Most Expensive Seminar in Nigeria History in 2018.
Akin Alabi Organized Entrepreneurship Seminar about “Information Marketing Secrets” in 2018 and the little 20 seats sold off very quickly.
Everybody was surprised, how this possible in Nigeria, a developing Country that Technology awareness is still in infant stage. He charged about almost 2Million Nigeria Naira per head($5000 then) and Crowd were begging to get Tickets, that already sold off.
In this Prosperity Class Episode, you’re going to access the tangible secrets I learned from Akin Alabi towards that Program.
Here are the PROSPERITY SECRETS I learned from Akin Alabi regarding his $5000 per ticket “Information Marketing Business Seminar”, the most expensive Seminar in the history of Nigeria in 2018:
Believe in yourself 
99.9% of Entrepreneurs in Nigeria believed it won’t possible to charge/succeed $5000 per ticket Seminar in 2018(nearly 2Million Naira). Akin Alabi did it.
Value the internet 
Internet is information based and over 55%(as at today 29/10/2022) of global population engaged daily. It’s no longer a news that, with reliable focus, clarity, abundant mindset plus unlimited ACTIONS, anybody can achieve anything online.
Start where you are
Akin Alabi already being in the Entrepreneurship game for years upon years before that Seminar, so he has long time credibility. He just started from the beginning and didn’t complain about operating in the Cybercafe then(just like many complaining a lot today).
Think Like Kylian Mbappe Speed
Akin Alabi understand instant execution. He brought alive high ticket Seminar idea and executed instantly. Otherwise, that idea might vanished away.
Understand Offer creation
Offer is everything when it comes to selling. I went through the entire Offer(promises) in his $5000 Seminar registration Sales Page and the lineup were CRAZY! Even, ordinary 18-year old would be feeling SO STUPID to miss BIG SOLUTIONS crafted together in the Seminar Sales Page. Learn how to create Offer(amazing solutions) for whatever you’re selling and Clients will be begging you to take their money.
Think outside the box
We Entrepreneurs are Solution Providers. We’re global Leaders(problems’ Solver) to the masses. Unfortunately, Akin Alabi let us know that you need little ideas/requests(info) from the MASSES. No one used to asked Followers little guide then.
Read Read Read
Akin Alabi till tomorrow mostly engaged all his life in reading reliable books addressing the whole journeys in his goals. The greatest PROSPERITY SECRETS are still hide inside the Books till tomorrow. Read like Akin Alabi to detect new things and create a new record, just like his $5000 Seminar.
Invest in exposures
Everybody wonder why Akin Alabi used to travel across. His bookmarking Company idea(Nairabet) came through International exposures. Same with High Ticket Seminar. Fight for exposures no matter how, comfort zone is local, no matter how big where you’re living.
Welcome Competitions
He didn’t attempt to kill Bet9ja when he started dominating, he just re-strategized his Nairabet Company. No wonder all these big Companies paid off for his $5000 Seminar and sent representatives. No wonder they used to hail Akin Alabi everywhere, as the Pioneer of Bookmarking Industries(Bets) in African and The King of Entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Who will not like to learn from Akin Alabi?
Understand low ticket strategy
Akin Alabi used to sell his Entrepreneurship Book for just 5000 Nigeria Naira(instead of like 20k) just to show you how big his value is and nobody will preach to you to hunt his high ticket. You can’t read his 2 best selling books “Small Business Big Money” and “How To Sell To NIGERIANS”(I have both) and not pursue his high tickets, due to CRAZY knowledge, success strategies, wisdom, financial security secrets, etc. dwell MASSIVELY inside. I don’t think so. No wonder they rushed his $5000 Seminar in 2018.
Position yourself
Akin Alabi understands Entrepreneurship like CRAZY and he’s learning forward MASSIVELY till tomorrow. Akin Alabi fully focused on seeking more knowledge, not money money money that the latest generating of Internet Marketers are hunting daily. Not nowadays Marketers that wanted to sell by force, instead of learning how IT WORKS. His content across the Social Networks are CRAZY(so valuable). He doesn’t have time for the Naysayers and never argue with them. Yes! He educated that a lot from his “Best Seller” Book “How To Sell To NIGERIANS”. Akin Alabi hardly released the new Book. Akin Alabi hardly sell. Despite his CRAZY Entrepreneurship knowledge. No wonder they rush his $5000 per ticket Seminar like crazy and he sold off the entire tickets in few days.
Give back to impact humanity
Have you heard of his YECO Program? That’s the only Entrepreneurship Event you can come across the biggest Entrepreneurs in Nigeria. That’s the only Programme in African Continent to access the biggest Entrepreneurship Success SECRETS in the entire African Continent. NIGERIA is leading everything in African, you’ve already know that. The overflowing of knowledge in that Event is CRAZY and worth whatever the charges. And, surprisingly, they charge $0(zero naira) for that Works Class Entrepreneurship Event. No wonder Akin Alabi was rating 75Billion Naira worth in 2017. No wonder his $5000 per ticket Seminar sold off very quickly. Give back FREE at the maximum capacity just to impact lives and people will pursue your high ticket program like defenders pursue Kylian Mbappe in the field of play.
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