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10 Lessons I Wish I followed When I Started Selling Online:
Lesson 1: I wish I started building my list on Day 1.
Or 5 years after I started.
Or 12 years after I started.
I finally started listening and doing it consistently in 2014.
If you are just getting started, YOU ARE EARLY. Start building your list NOW!
Lesson 2: There is traffic everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
It’s on Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Newspapers, your local Churches/Mosques, TV, Radio,.
Traffic is not the problem at all.
Lesson 3: Focus on your offer. Create a Mafia offer. Without it, you will struggle for year.
Lesson 4: Ownership is the holy grail.
Until you own your own, you will have to beg or pay others to participate in their deal.
What can you own that will give you an advantage? 
You own – products, list of prospects, platforms, tools/software, etc.
Long term, seek ownership.
Lesson 5: It takes generally the same amount of time to sell something that earns you =N=5,000 versus another that earns you =N=10,000.
If you value your time, you will sell what earns you more. Sure you may need to acquire more skills to sell it effectively, but yeah, do it.
Lesson 6: Distributorship is the secret of becoming wealthy.
The more ways you can find to distribute your product or offer, whether you’re an owner or affiliate, the more money you will make.
Lesson 7: You need skills to succeed in business.
You need to know especially HOW TO SELL. 
The more skill you acquire, the faster you succeed.
Skills to acquire? 
1-on-1, Sales, copywriting, advertising, presentation, etc.
Lesson 8: Outsource tasks for which your skills are not strong. 
Or hire people in-house to do them.
Lesson 9: Connections will take you farther than skills alone can.
The more people high up you connect with GENUINELY, the faster you will succeed. 
I admit this is hard to do but its worth trying and aiming for.
However realize, that the best way for people high up to take…
…notice and listen is for you to achieve some measure of wins for yourself before seeking them out.
That’s why I make it easier for people to interface with me, and I aim to help as much as I can.
Having said that…
Lesson #10: No one is coming to save you.
Whether you succeed or fail is entirely up to you; not your mentor, not your coach, not the creator of the course or training you bought, and not the affiliate you purchased from their link.
Only you determine that.
Hope you have been blessed through this message?
Thanks for learning!
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